Our family time, by the waters

by the seaThe Big Thing could have managed to spend the entire vacation splashing water and jumping in the sand. We spent the last week at a place every close to some beautiful water bodies. It was the Little Thing’s first vacation and our very first as a family of four.

Both the girls thoroughly enjoyed the trip. In fact they enjoyed every little moment of it. Our vacation to a beautiful countryside was a blissful one.

The girls got a chance to play in a splash pond, a river, and at a beach. The Little Thing was afraid most of the time, may be because she was very very new to it. While the Big Thing had a whale of time. We literally had to force her out of the water every time, by bribing her of other trip soon in a next couple of days.

There was not much of sight-seeing or long excursions. We just took them to the places I have been to many times, when I was a kid. And with two kid, all that excursion thing is out of question. So we just wanted a simple and an easy vacation. Thanks for our amazing family, they made it even more special for us.banana

To reach the bank of the river we passed by the beautiful banana plantations, tall standing coconut trees and everything green. As the serene air brushed our hair, I realized my relation with the place. Hyderabad offers everything for malls to clubs to walkways to garden to stadiums to museums but there’s nothing like that salty sea air or that soft and warm sand on the shores.

I loved watching my daughter sit in the sand and enjoy the sun, watching her big sister make her own ‘first-trip-to-sea memories’. She watched her make castles in the sand, that water would just wash off.

I think there’s something about sea, that calls us to it. I never lived by a sea. I grew up in Hyderabad and would only visit it in my summer vacations just to have a fun-filled afternoon with my cousins. But this time it was different. I now realize this trip to the sea had changed my equation with my very own city.

Now that I’m home I terribly miss those walks on the hard sand with the waves washing over my feet and that salty air touching my face. This trip to the waters was just idyllic. We just sat on the shore and watching the waves kiss the sun and the wind whipping over the water. It was so blissful. We will definitely go back next year because there’s nothing as lovely as spending a beautiful evening by the waters.e



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