The Ninth Month


Alhamdulillah the Little Thing is now nine months old. And I’m so happy this month has been so amazing. Amazing in all terms. In milestones she reached, in foods she accepted, in habits that she acquired, and everything else. The Little Thing made some memories-for-lifetime  this month. She was taken to many places and loved spending her time at the beach. I’m so surprised she has learnt so much this month.

I remember last month she could only commando crawling to every nook of the house. And this month she crawls on her knees, in a super high-speed, stands holding on to the furniture infact walks holds it and too often tries to set her hands free to stand up on her feet, though it’s only for a few seconds. She also claps her hands and beautifully waves at others. We are all loving this developmental stage and can’t wait to see you run around the house.

I have started giving her most of the solids now and she seems to be enjoying it, which is definitely a blessing. I have had my share of mess when her big sister was of her age and was a picky eater. I didn’t cloth diaper her the whole month as we were travelling and I didn’t want to do that extra laundry away from home. So it was one complete month of disposables.

She met new people this month, which she doesn’t really like doing too often. So most of the time she was crying and grumpy. She only settles down with a familiar face before falling sleep. She likes playing with her toys and loves playing with her sisters’, so most of the time they are both shouting or snatching things from each other. But I can’t deny the fact that they both do enjoy having each other around and I often find them share an ear-to-ear smile or exchanging a quick hug, which is so cute!

This month we have had a few massive blowouts on the bed, on the carpet, on me! Lol I think I should have been a bit quick in changing her nappies! This month I learnt never to leave a baby bottomless on anything!

And Ohh! did I tell you that the Big Thing will start going to nursery this coming week?? Well yes this will be her last weekend home before she starts her new journey! And I’m having some bittersweet feelings right now as this series of articles will have to come to an end in a couple of months. And I’m happy that my babies are going to grow a ‘bit’ more by next month!! So let me just be a happy and a insightful momma until then!!


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