A little box of childrens’ books review


I bought this set of six small board books in my Firstcry haul last month and since then these tiny bunch of books have become a major part of our girls’ mini library.

Initially I ordered  these books so the Little Thing could just sit down and stare at them. But only after they came home, I realized that the Big Thing also loves them equally. She is always busy flipping the pages, arranging and re-arranging them every other minute. She just adores them too much.

So here’s what I felt about this little box of books.

This is a collection of little boardbooks for toddler to sit around and enjoy the colouful pictures and understand ‘what-goes-where’ of different things, like what to use in which season, things available in the shop, animals at the zoo, and a few more.

bx2This whole set has a tiny bundle of six different books, showcasing different themes for your little one to learn where to find which thing. It tells you about holidays, at the zoo, pets, seasons, at home, at the shop and all the little ‘things’ your child can find there.


This book is named ‘a little book of all seasons and shows all the relation things to ‘seasons’.


Similarly this book here is ‘a little book of pets’, that feature various pet animal one can have.


Then this is a little book of zoo, it displays beautiful and colourful animals, you child may find on his visit to a zoo.

bx6This is my favourite and it called ‘a little book of holidays’. And it showcases all the element and places you may want to enjoy with your child on your vacation.


This book over here tells about various things like furniture, and other necessary items for a house,or rather a ‘home’. bx8And this last boardbook here shows all the stuff available in a market or in a shop, including cakes and cookies. And this little one is named ‘a little book of at the shop’.

All in all I’m very impressed by the simple yet beautiful idea of explaining ‘what-goes-where’, which can otherwise get a tad difficult for a little toddler who wants to learn everything about everything. And I’m so happy, both the girls like it. I would definitely suggest you to let your child have her own little library or a book stash where she can often spend her evening,

What’s your kid reading? Let me know in the comments below.


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