Guest Post: Bumberry Pocket Diaper Review

If you have been following my blog for a while now then you might have noticed the Bumberry Pocket Diaper giveaway that I hosted about a month back here on my blog and I’m so happy to introduce you to our winner Manisha, who is our guest for the day! And she’s here to share her own experience with us.

So here’s what she says…

“I had read a lot about the Modern Cloth Diapers (MCD) but did not get the chance to try it out till my daughter turned 5.5 months old. In fact once I had ordered a Flip cover after contemplating for days as it is pretty expensive and doesn’t come with even a single insert. Eventually I had to return it back as it looked huge on my 2 month old daughter.

With normal cloth diapers it was a headache to change them every 5-10 minutes and it would soil all our bed sheets plus 24*7 disposables were heavy on the pocket. So again I started my research for economical MCDs and came upon Haajra’s blog featuring the Bumberry Diaper Cover review. I was pretty impressed reading her posts on cloth diapering and decided to give it another shot. I entered the Bumberry giveaway on her blog and won a beautiful floral printed Bumberry Pocket Diaper.


Here goes my review for the Bumberry Pocket Diaper.

Type: Pocket Diaper


Price: Rs 820 (includes one microfiber insert)

Where to Buy: Amazon, Firstcry,

What I like about the Bumberry Pocket Diaper:

  • It’s cheaper than those international brands like Flip, Bumgenius which are overpriced( I feel).
  • The fitting is good with the snap closures.
  • This is reusable till 2+ years.
  • This is much more convenient than the traditional langots.
  • It’s good for day time usage, lasts 1.5-2 hours with one insert (can be less if baby is a heavy wetter).
  • With the suede cover the bottom remains dry even though the insert is wet.
  • It’s quick to dry.


 What I don’t like about the Bumberry Pocket Diaper:

  • Have observed leakage around the sides, the area around the leg gusset gets wet.
  • Not good for night time usage, I used it with two microfiber inserts and it lasted for 4 hours.
  • Looks bulkier than the disposables.
  • Two inserts for the same price would have been great.

My Verdict for the Bumberry Pocket Diaper:

After using the Bumberry Pocket Diaper for a week I observed that the stitches at the back have come off causing the elastic to loosen completely which dampened my experience a bit though I was able to fix it up. Over all it’s a good buy at an affordable price. It ideal for daytime and I would recommend it to someone who want to cloth diaper on a tight budget and also for someone who doesn’t have a heavy-wetter in their house.

Overall a good first experience as its eco-friendly, easy to clean and perfect for daytime usage. Obviously more economical than disposables in the long run if you are ready to invest a few thousands at one shot. It’s actually a good product and worth a try. Definitely fits my pocket.”

My Rating:   3.5 /5

Manisha is a full-time working momma of a six months old baby girl, Tusha. She is new to the world of mom-ing and cloth diapering but loves them both to the fullest!


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