First Day of Preschool

Well, yes! It finally happened. The day I had been dreaming excited about all summer! The Big Thing’s first day of preschool was a day before yesterday.  I was so so anxious on Sunday night that I did not sleep a wink. But deep down, I knew that she would be fine, that this would be good for her, and that she would love it.  But it is so dang hard to watch your baby grow up, and it happens so fast.  I just need some time to slow down things a little.


I spend Sunday morning preparing for Monday. I did some laundry, arranged Miss H’s “first day of school” dress, planned her lunch and decided I was going to take loads of pictures of our girl before she leaves for her school.

I woke up Monday morning with my stomach in knots. I honestly was more worried than her.

The Big Thing on the other hand woke in a great mood and was ready to go!  She demanded her lunch and bottle as soon as she got out of bed and had them around her all morning.

She quickly had her breakfast and was ready to go. And I had to take more photographs of her! And why not?? After all it’s her first day of preschool.

A couple of minutes later, we were at the school and her teacher had come to greet us. We went on inside to see all the toys and activities laid out. The Husband and I waited there for five minutes and left her, as soon as she realized she was more settled.


We both came back home, had our hearts broken for leaving our lovely little girl away for the next three hours. But we also realized it’s for her good. Two and a half hours later we zoomed back to school to meet our always-super-happy toddler, only to hear her teacher say that she cried a lot and threw up all over in the first hours but later on she happily mingled and played with other kids.

When I met her teacher, she quickly quizzed me. “Is it nursery you have got her into?” I was like “yes”. To which she tells me “She already knows quite a lot, I thought you should get her into the next grade”. Well I take that as a compliment!! *wink*

Anyways the teacher asked me to send along an extra set of clothes from the next day. I noticed her blush and very quick she said “Your daughter wants to take me home, with her”. LOL Now I was reassured and happy that our little girl had a good time with her teacher.

Overall, it was a great day.  I knew deep down that Miss H would be fine, and I’m so glad she was.  We LOVE this program and her teachers already, and I think it’s going to be a great year for everyone.  And Mom was right…it is so hard to watch your babies get their wings and take off for the first time.  It will downright break your heart a little.  But I am so proud and thankful that my sweet, beautiful little girl is ready to make her mark on the world.

Happy first week of preschool, sweet Big Thing.  I am so, so proud to be your mama.  I love you to the moon and back, times infinity!

2 thoughts on “First Day of Preschool

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