Her happiness is relaxing in her beanbag and watching Finding Nemo.

Her happiness is reaching out to that remote and changing the television mode.

Her happiness is finding beautiful new books and crayons everyday.


Her happiness is eating up pages from all those books.

Her happiness is enjoying her little chocolate treats every evening.

Her happiness is wanting her little share from every chocolate her sister eats.

Her happiness is leaving for school cheerfully.

Her happiness is having all the toys to herself, while the big sissy is not home.


Her happiness is watching those lively birds fly so high, up in the sky.

Her happiness is looking at her happy sister have a whale of time.

Her happiness is sleeping peacefully in her cot, snuggling her favourite toys.

Her happiness is hitting her sissy in her face, to wake her up.

Her happiness is jumping around and going crazy-pant over every other thing.

Her happiness is blabbing in equal excitement at her super-happy sister.

Her happiness is cuddling and teasing daddy and momma.

Her happiness is peacefully staring at  momma, with a twinkle in her eyes.

Her happiness is paddling in the sea with the daddy and going somewhere new with the momma.


Their happiness is getting up to sky together already and making each other laugh from their tummies. Their happiness is going on outings together, and simply being together on a day trip or a beautiful short walk.

My happiness is changed now.

Now happiness to me is in reading the same board books to my girls, that I have been reading for the whole of the last week.

Now happiness to me is going on a family outing, where the girls can play and I can sit and watch them enjoy their time together.

Happiness to me is getting up early and working all the stuff, so we can all have a simple and happy day ahead.

Happiness is doing carts and carts of shopping when there are sales, so I don’t need to spend extra bucks rest of the time( to make my baby happy, of course.)

Happiness is to give them both their bedtime bath, tuck them in their beds and have a couple of peaceful hours to myself.

Happiness is in playing peek-a-boo with the baby, like a hundred times a day and still not going ninja.

Happiness is watching them both snuggle and kiss each other. Today, all the happiness I have in my life, revolves around these two little humans. They both inspire me to find happiness in very little thing I have in my life. They always encourage me to look for all the God’s endlessly bounties and blessings on us. They give me a reason to remain a sane and content mama, that I am.

And I know my children will always be a reason for my happiness! My children will make sure of it.haajra



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