My Collection of Animals’ Fairy Tales Book 2 Review


I got this fairy tale book in my June Firstcry Haul, along with the Fisher Price Toddlerz Tappy The Turtle and a few more back-to-school stuff. There was some sale going on so I had to grab this lovely book for the Big Thing because she just loves books. And after a week of having it around and spending time flipping it’s colourful pages I thought it’s time I should review it here. So here’s what I feel of this lovely book.


This big book is basically a collection of a couple of very famous fairy tales. It is so beautiful and the illustrations are just awesome. It is published by the Apple Publishing International.


It has fairy tales like The Ugly Duckling, Puss in Boots, Beauty and the Beast, The Pied Piper of Hamlet, Three Little Bears and The Mouse and The Bird.

The Big Thing has loved this book ever since it has come home and keeps slipping through beautiful stories in it. Now that she has started going to school, I’m sure she will love her books even more and value the time we spend together reading them.


So may be that’s why I have decided to start making our little switch to regular books from board books. But this one is a hard-paper back.


Over all this book is amazing to read to your toddler, may be now she doesn’t understand everything but I’m sure she will gradually learn to treat books, the way they are to be treated.

What are you reading to your toddler?? Let me know in the comments below.haajra



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