We love spending time together


This last Sunday we took the girls to a nearby water body. And frankly I had never gone there before so it was our first visit. I heard of it quite a few times but taking kids along was super fun, something very different fromwhat people had told me about. The summer this year was just too harsh on us and this being the little thing’s first summer, she has her share of troubles dealing the scorching heat.

lo6{** Review of that ☝☝ dress coming soon!!}

But this evening was a pleasant one. The sun decided to remain calm and let the children enjoy their time out. Lotus Pond is actually a small water body with lush green flora and a walkway of about 1 kilometer around the pond. We decided to take a stroll with the kids.


This lovely place is in itself a beautiful little paradise for photographers. You will find almost every person there equipped with their own professional camera, excluding us. We planned this trip all of a sudden and your poor camera was out of charge so we decided it should stay home and take some rest. But next time he is definitely coming along!


This beautiful place is also an ideal for childrens’ photoshoots since the whole place is so so green and lively. And not just that this spot was made as a part of Eco-conservation project hence it is a home for a number of species of birds ranging from Pied Kingfisher to Cotton Coot to White Wagtail and shoals of fishes!

The girls loved looking at the turtles pop their heads out of the water and the goldfish played hide-and-seek with us. The Little Thing especially liked playing in the grass.


We headed back home just before the sun went to sleep, promising the kids that we shall be back very soon the next week. And for all my local readers, do take time out and head to this lovely place with your family, because it’s definitely worth it. In fact, if you go, let me know, maybe we can meet you there!haajra



9 thoughts on “We love spending time together

  1. Agree!!!amazing place….I used to go walking there in my last trimester…haven’t been there in 6 months :(…I would love to meet ur dolls…hope we meet someday…thanx fr reminding about this beautiful place..one of my favourites

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