Nino Bambino Children’s Clothing Review

Recently we went on a little walk at a nearby pond and the hot weather in the city couldn’t be taken for granted. So just when I was deciding on which girl wears what, there came in Nino Bambino and sent us a couple of dresses for review.


And frankly I was the one who was overtly excited among the three, obviously, to dress them both in coordinating dresses is something I haven’t tried many a times. And If you have girls, you will know how much fun it is to doll them up just the way you want to see them. Having said that comfort and the child’s safety are the two things you can never overlook.

So thanks to this lovely company for sending us in the clothes. Nino Bambino ticks both the boxes, plus the quality, durability and style looks great on kids.


we received this Organic Cotton Layered Skirt from 2-3 years for the Big Thing and Organic Cotton Sleeveless Summer Dress from 9-12 months for the Little Thing.


And the best thing is that they are 100% organic, and skin-friendly. Since both of our girls have really really sensitive skin, I’m always eyeing for products that are chemical-free and especially designed for children with sensitive skin.


The big thing had a lovely time in her light-weight top and layered skirt but I literally had to struggle to put the dress on the little thing( Nevermind. She outgrows almost every dress). We also got a beautiful matching hat that protected her from sun.


I have already washed it a couple of times now and I love the way it still looks store-bought! Just like any other range of clothes these come with a few washing/ironing instructions. Also, the name tag was neatly tied up with a strong thread instead of those plastic tags.


These pretty layers of the skirt makes our skinny daughter look a little chubby, which is always a bonus!


I’m not sure words can describe just how much I LOVE these outfits already… Have you seen their new ‘Good for all seasons’ range?

So when you do have a few spare moments (I know, I know), browse around the Nino Bambino website to view all of their collections.  They’re a real treat and the “models” are sure to make you smile.  You can also keep up with Nino Bambino on their Facebook page.

And these are going on my wish list : Beautiful!


{Source: Nino Bambino website}

The Little Thing will remain nice and snug in this beautiful Romper in the coming winter.


 {Source: Nino Bambino website}

The Big Thing never wore a jumpsuit before, so I think I would definitely love to try this out with her!

Have you tried Nino Bambino yet??Let me know in the comments below!

** We were sent the clothing samples for the purpose of a fair and honest review. All the opinions and images are my own, unless mentioned otherwise.haajra


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