Four Photos | June 2014

This series of Four Photos reminds me of taking more and more pictures every month. And I’m sure I will cherish all these moments for years to come.


^^ This was when my sister and I took out the Big Thing on the weekend before her preschool began. She had pizzas, icecream and shopped for loads of plush toys and back-to-school stuff!!


^^ I took this lovely picture when we went out for a walk with the kids. It was indeed a beautiful evening.


^^ I took this when we went to my cousins place for a play date of sorts. Yes, I know it’s not a great picture but somehow, a bunch of toys together takes me back into the world of Toy Story. P.S: I have watched TS3 for about a 20+ times now! You know how it is with kids.Right??


^^ Beautiful aren’t they?? Don’t they look like they are just out of the garden? Well, they are handmade! 🙂

 I strongly suggests all of you to try and capture little moments in life, so you can look back to see how much fun you have had while snapping them. So go get your cameras and start making some memories!!haajra


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