The Tenth Month


Somehow this post has been sitting in my drafts for more than two weeks now, as I was a little too caught up other stuff. Anyways this month just whizzed by and we still have not completely soaked in the thought that of our little baby will be a super super active toddler in just a couple of months. These baby months are passing by at their own fast pace, bringing along many beautiful milestones.

I fairly remember the last month when she could commando crawl to any part of the house, in no time. This month she has mastered the art of cross-crawling at a super super high-speed. Most of our time is spend in bring her back to the same position where she started.

She hates absolutely sleeping through the night and wants to be rocked and rocked for hours together, like she used to do when she was only a few days old. And I managed to get some four to five broken hours of sleep every night. Plus she gets up as early as a rooster and kicks and punches our faces, just in case we try to ignore her and sleep.

She is a food-junkie and loves most of the fruits and veggies. I occasionally give her meat and something sweet, which she loves more than anything. I’m sure she has got a huge sweet-tooth hidden somewhere. This is one thing she has definitely inherited from her Grandpa. We have also started giving her buffalo milk, I know it’s a little too early but I dilute it to one part milk and two parts boiled water.

Cloth diapering is also going on pretty good.  She now very confidently stands-up holding on to the furniture, leaves her hands off and manages to stand steady for 3-4 minutes and falls on the floor. She also loves doing her squat, which makes us laugh our heads off. I mean babies and squats!! LOL

The Big Thing is rubbing off well with the baby. Oopps, now a toddler of course. They love reading books, scribbling on everything, tearing up almost every tiny bit of paper they come across, messing up the house, making paper boats with their grandmom, and everything in between.

Two more posts and this series will come to an end. I’m planning of an extension. May be you never know. But for now we are enjoying every bit together and the family absolutely loves having these two little girls around. I can’t wait to watch both the girls come, share their little fun stories with me. Until then Momma loves you both to the stars and back!



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