A change…and an announcement


No I’m not talking about the sudden change in weather here in Hyderabad. I’m not talking about the escalation in the grocery prices. Neither am I talking about the winds that have become super chilly and breezy all of a sudden. I’m talking about the little change I decided to give to my blog. I have been blogging for over two years now and consistently for aa year. My blog Hfareen’s Space that started as my own little place where I shared my thoughts and feelings is now different person. It’s here I speak to people, hear from them, make friends, and everything in between. 

Off late I have noticed that, the mother in me does more talking than I do. And almost everything here is centered around her babies and herself, which I think is the reason I decided to change the name of my blog. I decided to give it a perspective that it always deserved. 

And a big thank you, to my family and friends for showing so much love and support. And accepting my crap, the way it is. 

So let thy name be changed *Drumroll*

We hereby name you The Mommy Blog’

Congratulations to you and to mee wee!!


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