Soul Ring Sling Review

Hello Mommies! Remember the other day I introduced you to Chinmayie of the Soul Slings?? So here’s my review after having used her sling for almost over three weeks. This was the box in which  my sling came home, neatly folded and beautifully arranged.


OK before I just into the review. Let me first tell you what a Ring Sling is. A ring sling is basically a long piece of fabric worn over one shoulder that is threaded through a set of rings used to adjust the sling. They come in both padded and unpadded forms and I  recommend the unpadded ones because they are easier to adjust and are safer compared to the padded ones.

If you have been following The Mommy Blog for sometime now then you very well know that I have always been a huge huge fan of baby-wearing but I will have to confess that I haven’t tried any of the ring slings as they are not quite easily available here in India. And the ones that are, are way too pricey. And so I was more than over-whelmed when I received my little package which had my beautiful ring sling nicely arranged in the recyclable box.

The moment I saw it, I was a bit hesitant to wear on such a dark colour. But with kids dark colours actually work. The lighter, the messier it can get in less time. So I was happy and well-convinced to get started with it.


I quickly grabbed the manual it came along and stood up right there with my sling in the other hand. I just had to wear it, that very moment, the right way or wrong. I just wanted to start wearing it the moment it arrived, corrections can of course be made, isn’t it?

So there I was wearing my first ever ring sling, I made a quick adjustments and the Little Thing nicely settled in it. She is such a momma’s girl. And I genuinely feel that this sling was especially made for us. For such ‘gluey’ babies who want to be around their mommas. A.L.W.A.Y.S!


The sling is made of 100% Lenin and becomes softer with each wash. It’s easy to wear and super simple to put the baby in. Even if you have a bunch of doubts, the instruction booklet will help you a great deal. It includes instructions on how to thread your sling, and how to do multiple kind of carries. I love this especially for moms who have just started baby-wearing.

The sling fits all body types since it’s fully adjustable. It folds up small, making it easy to take along. Plus the bonus is that made keeping in mind the Indian climate so your little one remains comfortable and happy, all times.

I feel so so happy to see my little girl happily snuggling in the sling and I manage to catch up with my chores. I wear her when I’m busy working, feeding her some evening snacks, go out on a walk, roam around in the house and do absolutely nothing but cuddling. And it has definitely become our best friend.


Meanwhile as we both have a whale of time, the Big Thing often envies the baby and insists on being carried in the sling. Though this sling can be used right from birth to toddlerhood, I’m a little reluctant about using it with the Big Thing who will be three in a couple of months. May be I should try it sometime.

Anyways, coming to washing and carrying, believe me it’s so darn simple. You will just need to throw it in to the washer. But prior to that you may want to wash it separately a couple of times so the colour doesn’t bleed on to other clothes.

This sling is nursing-friendly too. But since we have weaned our little one about a month ago, it won’t be fair enough if I go on and write another paragraph telling how it’s going to work for you. Sorry!

Also did I mention that I was surprised to find this little Krya mini detergent pack inside the box. You know how obsessed I’m with Eco-friendly products!


Overall, I just love this comfortable ring sling, that tries every bit to keep my baby as close to me as possible. And I would definitely recommend this to all the mommies who are already babywearing or if you want to adopt the amazing concept of wearing your bundle of joy.


So Mommies don’t forget to go check out their website Soul Slings and grab your sling. You can also see their beautiful collections of sling on their Facebook page. And let me know how much you are loving your Soul sling in the comments below. If you like what you are reading then don’t forget to subscribe to The Mommy Blog.

My Rating: 4/5

** We were sent the Soul Baby Ring Sling for the purpose of a fair and honest review. All the opinions and images are my own.



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