Four Photos | July 2014

This series of Four Photos reminds me of taking more and more pictures every month. And I’m sure I will cherish all these moments for years to come.


^^ I stumbled upon this lovely picture that took this summer when you went out for a stroll. And seriously beauty is divine.


^^ This is one random picture of a super quick breakfast we had on the Eid morning! It was a fun start to a wonderful day!


^^This was taken just before a heavy downpour in the city. I just love the look of those ‘full’ clouds.


^^ Last week I was going through the videos on my hard disk and I realized how much I loved it when the Big Thing was such a teeny tiny baby. I thoroughly adore this video and decided I should take an iphone photo of it! LOL

 I strongly suggests all of you to try and capture little moments in life, so you can look back to see how much fun you have had while snapping them. So go get your cameras and start making some memories!!haajra


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