RunBugz Anti Mosquito Patches Review

Motherhood can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to your kids health. No mom would ever want to leave her kids with those dreadful mosquitoes that would just ruin the child’s sleep and health which in turn will ruin yours, both sleep and health. And what about those late-evening outings??  When mosquitoes are having their own gala time out there??

For me, seriously mosquitoes are on the top in my list of problems. Yes. You read it just right. Here in Hyderabad, it’s probably the same story of every mom, The Mosquitoes. Especially since it’s the rainy season. I guess it’s the same with all the Indian moms, not that India is a filthy place to move in to. I guess it’s just that mosquitoes just love that taste of the Indian blood. LOL.


And very recently we were sent this little package by Runbugz, which had these cute looking patches of sorts in it. And I instantly knew these were God-sent. I just loved  the outer packaging. These patches come in a thin card-stock packaging, with a wonderful zip-lock bag that carries the neatly arranged patches in it.


So these patches are basically small stickers that you can stick on to anything like on your child’s clothes or furniture around or on to the pillow nearby and if you are travelling you can just put it on the seat your child is on or on one corner of the tent near to her when you go camping. Remember never to put it directly on to the skin.

I really love the quality of the patches and the packaging. I have used these with both the girls and the Big Thing calls them ‘Smiley Stickers’. Well those are stickers with lovely smileys printed on them.  So I guess that probably justifies the name she gave it.


OK moving on, if you are like me, who have never thought mosquito repellent patches existed then don’t worry I’m coming to that. The RunBugz anti-mosquito patches help in repelling mosquitoes for up to 24 hours, which is amazing! Also they are made using 100% natural ingredients and are chemical free, deet-free and completely non-toxic. Thanks Runbugz for understanding my priorities.

These repellent patched are suitable for babies, children and adults. Plus these water-proof. You can find them in beautiful deigns. Each pack comprises of 12 patches which lasts for over a week.


I have really loved using these super simple on-the-go patches than those heavy repellent creams. And I would definitely recommend these to all the mammas out there. This is an amazing product to save your children from those deadliest diseases.

You can buy these patches from Firstcry or Babyoye websites. You may want to like Runbugz on Facebook so you remain updated with all of their amazing environment friendly products.

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** We were sent the Runbugz Anti Mosquito patches in exchange of a fair and honest review. All the images and opinions are my own.


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