Bella Baby Happy Disposable Diapers Review

In a couple of month the Big Thing will InshaAllah turn 3, which is certainly a milestone for me as a mother of two. And I proudly accept that I have been diapering our girls for years now. And gladly the Big Thing is out of her diapers, expect for the night-time. But the little one is still diapered 24 X 7, cloth or disposable, ‘diapers’ is the word of the millennium for us and that’s same for almost every mom out there.

I spend my days either doing cloth diaper laundry or fetching for ‘magic’ diapers so we can peacefully survive a whole night without a diaper change. And one fine day, I received a nice fluffy package (You know how obsessed I’m with packages, don’t you? And fortunately or unfortunately, that very evening I had to go out somewhere and couldn’t do the laundry and we ran out of our regular stash of disposables, so that’s when these lovely diapers came to my rescue, actually our rescue!

I was so thankful to God for sending them our way, on the very fortunate/unfortunate eve. You know how mad your husbands can get, if you ask them to get something for outside, just after getting home after a long and tiresome day!!?


Frankly speaking, until a couple of months back I never heard of Bella Baby Happy diapers, which is extremely saddening, given that these work wonderfully well.

Moving on, we were sent, diapers for both the girls in their own sizes. And when I first opened the courier package and saw the diaper packaging, I just loved it. The colours were lovely. But it was just too ‘fluffy’ and so I thought the diapers might also look way too bulky on the baby.  But luckily I was happy that I was wrong. I used them for night-time and loved it when both the girls got up dry and happy, unlike most of the nights with other disposables.

Bella Baby Happy diapers are modern disposable diapers with super soft inner layer that distributes wetness all over the surface of the diaper core. It’s wonderfully comfortable and extra absorbent. These are available from newborn to toddler sizes. Also the newborn’s diapers have been made with special care to protect the newborn’s umbilical cord from any sort of infection, which I think is extremely caring of the company. Because I personally had to face a lot of problem, in the initial days with both the girls’ umbilical cord touching the diaper.


And since the baby’s bottoms are covered most of the time, it’s very important to select a diaper that’s not harsh to you baby’s skin. And these are by-far the best ones I have ever used with our girls. The sizing is also amazing and has snug fit. The soft elastics does not harm your little one’s delicate skin.


And this is how it looked on the inside. Just look at those blue gussets around the legs, which can catch almost all the poop, without any leakage.


I also liked the wide flaps of the diaper, which again eases the comfort and fit of the diaper, on the baby.  Plus the velcro fasteners keeps the diaper in the right place without pressing the belly.


And did I forget to mention the adorable prints of the diapers? Oh yes! Every diapers comes with a different fun printed and colorful collection of animals which only makes the diapers a bit more appealling to the mommas like MEE WEE!!

All in all, I completely adore these diapers and will definitely recommend it to all the mommas out there. And if you are heading to a party or a road-trip or to see your family, then don’t forget to tuck a few of these diapers into your diaper bag because I assure you these won’t let you down in anyway!

You can buy these diapers from any online store in India. And don’t forget to give them a thumbs-up on Facebook so that you receive all the latest updates from them.

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** We were sent the Bella Baby Happy Diapers in exchange of a fair and honest review. All the images and opinions are my own.

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