Soul Ring-Sling Giveaway

sfaceYayy! I’m so so happy to be hosting yet another awesome giveaway by a wonderful brand I completely adore and trust. Remember I reviewed the Soul Ring Sling a couple of months ago here on The Mommy Blog?? And I also told you how much I’m loving it.

As you know, I have always been a huge fan of baby-wearing. I have always encouraged other mommas and daddas to babywear as much as they can. Because wearing your baby close to you directly multiplies the bond of love between your little one and you

So here’s something for you, the lovely folks at Soul have chosen to giveaway one of their beautiful Soul Dragon fruit Classic Cotton Ring Sling to one of my readers, a prize valued at up to Rs. 1500/-.


This giveaway ends at 12:00 PM on 20th September , 2014.

You may use the Rafflecopter form below to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The more entries you submit, the better odds you have of winning!!

This giveaway is open to Indian residents aged above 18.



30 thoughts on “Soul Ring-Sling Giveaway

  1. Baby wearing makes the baby and mom so close to each other all the time. As the docs recommend skin and touch contacts with baby all the time why not this babywearing which allows you to do that and much more … I love the kangarooing effect it gives and the soothness it gives to the baby.

    Moreover its said as a mom you can do other household chores too while taking care of your baby and soothing him. I love baby wearing because of all these …:)

  2. Hi,
    I am very new to baby wearing and have been wanting to try one for my Lo so all excited to try it out!! My LO is now 4months so I feel its perfect time to do a kangaroo carry and love the color in the giveaway its beautiful 🙂

  3. My little one loves to be carried. I have been carrying him in a duppatta or Saree as it really gets tiring carrying him all the time simultaneously working. Found few advantages too he reduces crying significantly, reduces colic which was a main thing, secured bonding and last but not the least sleeps better 🙂 A happy mommy !!!

  4. I’ve done Tandem wearing and single baby wearing with my twins on Soul slings. It is a life saver for me and my babies enjoy their moments in the sling.

  5. Hello mommy !!
    OMG !!..Giveaway of a product ive been wishing to have so badly !..I totally Love this product and was searching all about it on the internet the other day as am a huge fan of baby wearing and have been carrying my baby through my chores which almost broke both of my arms..:P..Would Love to have this,Its an amazing product.

  6. Love that there are no million clips and irritating material for the wearer and the baby !!! Lve he simplicity in the design.

    Also please delete the prev comment from VRamasamy. I did not realise it is logged in from someone else’s account…..

  7. I’ve seen women carry their babies for so many years. In so many different ways. This looks natural and the colors are so soothing to the eye.

  8. Though I’m still a novice, I see babywearing as my gateway to freedom! It is my chance to reclaim the great outdoors with my baby. We have Anmol wrap, about to get an Ergo. Soul is missing from the collection yet, so hopefully I get lucky! 😉

  9. I have a preemie baby. baby wearing/kangaroo care is a must for me nd my baby. have been using baby K’tan, and baby loves being close to me. but off late i am feeling that both of us get too hot in it as its not quiet optimum for indian weather. jus got to know about ring slings, surely waana try one. since i already bought one baby carrier, it wud b grt if i win another one rather than buying 😉

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  11. I love baby wearing as I love to have my love close to me, yet comfortable and snuggled. I love the fact she can cuddle up to me, be seated in a way that is ergonomic and yet explore the world around her!

  12. I love baby wearing…i would be travelling next month abroad in sha Allah..My baby have outgrown the one I had.This is a great opportunity to get the best sling on time..hope I win..and thank u haakra for introducing me to this sling

  13. I love baby wearing…i would be travelling next month abroad in sha Allah..My baby have outgrown the one I had.This is a great opportunity to get the best sling on time..hope I win..and thank u haajra for introducing me to this sling

  14. I love babywearing because it makes me feel super close to and super loved by my LO. He is just 6 weeks so I cant really hug him but BW gives me the feel 🙂

  15. Wearing my bub keeps her close to me. Mommy loves galavanting, so does the bub. So wrapping her or wearing her in my ssc make our lives easier. And not forgetting, it’s a magic sleep dust. Love the contented innocent doze of hers as she’s swept into lala land while being worn.

  16. My day, my world starts and ends with my two babies. I missed wearing this for my elder kiddo who is 5 year old. Found this few dayz back. Would love it for my princess to keep her close and cuddled to me. Will also try it for my elder one even if its for a minute..

  17. My world, my day ends with my kids. I missed this for my elder kiddo who is 5 now. I found this few days back. I just want my lil princess cuddled close to me, close to my heart where she belongs. I will definitely try it for my elder one even though if it is 1 minute

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