Four Photos | August 2014

This series Four Photos reminds me of taking more and more pictures every month. And I’m sure I will cherish all these moments for years to come.


^^ I took this snapshot from our television when both the girls were busy watching ‘Tangled’. And since we don’t watch too much of TV. It was a wonderful two-on-one time with the girls.


^^ This month we got to attend one beautiful wedding and I just tried to capture this row of lights while the Big Thing was busy playing around.

P.S: I also got myself a beautiful picture with our ‘I-don’t-like-to-look-in-the-camera/I-hate-smiling-when-you-are-photographing’ daughter, which is an achievement indeed!!


^^ Oh! This! I just got a bit ‘more’ creative with these Rubbabu Toys we were sent for a review. The review will come up soon, until then let’s spread “L O V E”.

photo (11)

^^ And how can I forget this one?? The Husband gifted this to me! Alhamdulillah! It’s so wonderful and chic! I’m just loving this baby to bits! ( I know that’s what is called bad editing but excuse me, I was trying to use Photoshop for the first time)

 I strongly suggests all of you to try and capture little moments in life, so you can look back to see how much fun you have had while snapping them. So go get your cameras and start making some memories!!


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