Handmade Gift for Teacher’s Day

The Big Thing was very excited about her first Teacher’s Day. Especially since she got a whole set of ‘new/first’ teachers for her life, who she completely adores! We planned this a couple of days in advance. Though I could not decide on any thing in particular. I had a bunch of ideas in mind!


So the first thing we decided on were the beautiful handmade flowers that were made by one my co-sisters. The Big Thing loved them so much that she wanted to give them to her teachers. And I thought it would be a wonderful idea if she could write notes for her teachers, that could go along.


Instead of having a plain white paper with regular brown envelope. I decided on getting her some coloured paper stocks so she could make them some handmade cards. Out of 6 teachers, she shortlisted to only 4 including his class teachers.

As for me, I intend to experiment with something new and decided to make paper bag from a normal envelope. So on Thursday I started making envelopes while I waited for the Big Thing to decorate them and write notes for her teachers.

When she was back from school. We both sat together and I helped her write down the notes and she loved decorating the envelope in her own way. She’s being taught ‘shapes’ at school so she made different shapes.


{Inside: A Handmade Card, some chocolates and a handwritten note}

And here’s the finished product!

We also made this special little card for her first class teacher.

photo (13)

Since this is an annual event. I’m sure she will be able to do it better the coming year Insha’Allah! Until then let’s love our teachers for loving us so much!





7 thoughts on “Handmade Gift for Teacher’s Day

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  2. How lovely. ♥ I used to be a teacher of Pre-K children. ♥
    I’m sure you will make her teacher feel so special. I love the flowers.

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