Rubbabu Magnetic Alphabet Set Review


I have always loved finding bright, colourful fun toys for our girls and one day I happened to come across this company named “Rubbabu”. And frankly speaking I loved the name! It’s new, stylish and sound funky. But when I heard they make ‘foam’ toys! I was rather puzzled! I mean we never had a ‘foam’ toy set! It’s always been plastic or wood or fabric! But nothing in foam!

So I decided to do a little research on this company before I was flattered at the way their cute toys looked. And I was beyond thrilled when they agreed for a review! Plus the folks at Rubbabu were so lovely to me, that they sent me a complete list of their collection of toys and let me chose whichever I wanted to! And I’m so so glad I chose this alphabet set!

And expected one lovely afternoon a huge mail arrived at my door, in it came these loveliest and the cutest addition to our girls’ toy stash! We received three different set of toys! And this magnetic alphabet set was the first one we opened and I just loved watching the kids go bouncers over these beautiful and bright letters!


The very moment I received this lovely set I was so so impressed with the quality of these toy letters. This alphabet set is made of 100% natural rubber which makes them the best bet for little kids. These are extremely soft and squishy that our girls have loved playing with them all the while. Given that we did not own such a huge upper case alphabet set or anything similar to this one. So this amazing toy letter set has just perfectly filled in the void we had in our toy stash.


All the 26 letters come picture-perfectly arranged in this cardboard tray that slides inside the outer packaging shell. These letters have been given a good sizing, which is not too big, neither too small for the tiny tots. Also I must mention the bright and lively packaging of the set!


Oh my God! Just look at those bright colours! The Big Thing is buzzing around while I opened it for her. And was


Another thing I must not forget to mention is  that once we opened it I could never ever tuck them all back in just the way they had come in. These letters are not just the Big Thing’s favourite but also make a wonderful toy even for the Little Thing. She loves squeezing and throwing them at her big sister. And I don’t have to worry about any of them getting hurt because they are ultra light and super soft.


Apart from being squeezable, soft and bouncy, these letters have a tiny circular magnet embedded in them. Kids can just put them on a metallic surfaces and learn while they play. We had a little meet-up at home and other kids just loved them as much as ours. And couldn’t help their parents notice the simplicity and the liveliness of these toy letters. 😀


I could just not resist myself from having some fun with them! So this is what I did!! 😀


This Rubbabu Alphabet Set is great for children of all ages. Younger tots will crawl and reach for them. Older kids will learn spelling small words, recognizing letters and play with them. These bright colors, soft textures, and a super squishy and bouncy make help these letters truly unique. And since the Big Thing has already learnt her letters. I will be saving these for the Little Thing.

And if you are a mom like me who is always looking for little special things that make your babies happy and cheerful, then I strongly suggest you to get them this lovely alphabet set for them because this is one such ‘toy’ that will keep them engaged for hours at a stretch, letting you catch up with your own stuff.

So go check out their website Rubbabu and connect with them on their Facebook page

** We were sent the Rubbabu Alphabet Set in exchange of a fair and honest review. All the opinions and images are my own.


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