HERO BABY mixed fruits with cereals (stage 2) Review


While I was on shopping a few days back, I did not really have any idea of what exactly I was looking for my little one, I was in the baby food section, and then I happened to come across these HERO BABY jars. And of course there were a tons of flavours to further confuse ‘an-already’confused -momma’. Yet I managed to pick  – mixed fruits with cereals(stage 2).


After carefully reading all the printed stuff on it, I decided to buy it. While we waited at the counter I wondered if my little A sitting happily in the cart would accept/reject it. I had not given him this type of food before.”What’s wrong in trying!”,my head buzzed.

On the same night we went out for some more shopping, as it was getting late and I had forgotten the feeder at home I decided to feed my little
one with HERO BABY and yes!, he eventually liked it and had it all. This baby food saved me the mess that night!

HERO BABY mixed fruits with cereals is basically a puree for babies aged over six month, as it contains gluten.


My little one is a bit choosy when it comes to food but loved this puree, and so this product has passed the first and the major part of the test.The HERO BABY jars comes handy when I am on long trips away from home, just drop it in your purse or diaper bag and go! Plus it’s not going to eat up all the space. And as we often travel, you know how it is – travelling with the kids!

I have happily used these when I am in like super hurry and when there is no time to rush to the kitchen to make something for little A. These cute looking jars have always comes to my rescue, just pop-open the lid and give it to your baby. Since this puree comes in a small glass jars, once opened, the jar must be refrigerated and consumed within 24 hours, so open the jar just when you think the baby is ‘real’ hungry! Becaue se you don’t want to end up feeding yourself some sort of puree! 🙂

Below I have tried to list some of the features of HERO BABY jars that I have liked and checked before buying it.
It contains apple, banana, carrot, mango purees and grape-orange juices, oat flakes and rice flour. It’s 100% natural, pasteurized and vacuumed. All the materials used are approved and certified by HERO INTERNATIONAL AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT. Doesn’t contain added colours or preservatives. Also there is no added sugar. And the best part is my baby just LOVES it.

Every baby has a different taste and so you can also try apple compote, banana mandarin pear, mixed vegetables etc.. The HERO BABY jars
offer variety of flavours. Most of the time I try to  feed my toddler with home-made items and I don’t really like the baby food available in the market but HERO BABY is an exception. It is available in most of the departmental stories and drug-stores. Do note that the price varies with the flavour. All in all I recommend this to mommies who want to rely on something absolutely safe and yummy!


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