Tips to keep your cloth diapers white & bright

Are your cloth diapers looking dull and not-so-bright? Just not the way they looked when you bought them?? Then you surely must follow these super simple tips to keep them white and bright. Let me share with you what I do to keep ours beautifully bright and white.

Sun drying:

Sun is probably the best and the most natural way of bleaching cloth diapers. I always make it a point to line dry all of our cloth diapers in the sun. It removes stains pretty easily. Plus sunlight is ‘free’ of cost!

Oxy Bleach:

Oxygen bleaching is an artificial method of whitening your diapers. I use regular clorox bleach every four or five months and bleach all our inserts. I generally avoid bleaching our pocket diapers and covers to avoid ruining them. Bleached diapers may require a number of rinses before going on your baby’s bottom.


If you are not interested in spending on a store-bought bleach then reach for lemon. Simply apply little amount of lemon juice over the stains and hang them in the sun. Keep on repeating, if the stains don’t go away. I have used lemon a couple of times and I’m happy with the way it’s worked for us. Be sure to apply just a ‘little’ amount every time or you will be rinsing your diapers for eternity! 🙂

Be quick with your laundry:

I know it’s not easy, but it’s true that the more you make the diapers sit, the more worse the stains become. I try to do your laundry every other day and make sure I spray of the solids from the diapers, before I just dump them into the pail. So the quicker the better!

What do you do to keep your diapers bright and white?? Let us know in the comments down below 🙂

Happy Cloth Diapering Mommies!



4 thoughts on “Tips to keep your cloth diapers white & bright

  1. Hai, Great tips, I am using triangular langods for my daughter, will try out these methods.Can I oxybleach them, since they are fragile cotton ones?

    • Hema, I haven’t done it really. I suggest you to check with the fabric manufacturer before trying bleach. You wouldn’t want to spoil it!
      It shouldn’t harm your clothes if you use just a little amount of bleach 🙂 Let me know if you do try it! 🙂

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