Anmol Wrap Baby Carrier Review

A lot has happened since I last blogged. An on-going roller coaster of emotions, falling ill and recovering, a family holiday and an increased writing commitments. I’m so glad that I’m finally back to work and super excited to share a bunch of lovely products that I have been using. So stay tuned all you mommies and daddies, loads of reviews are coming your way! 🙂


I clearly remember when I had my first daughter, the Big Thing, the ONLY baby carriers I knew about were the few I could find at major retailers in and around the city. And I was introduced to slings and wraps for babies and toddlers when we had our second, the Little Thing. She was about 8 months old when I wore her in a ‘sling’ for the first time. And I was more than overwhelmed when I  finally got my first ‘wrap’ when she was about 12 months old. WOW, what a difference! I was immediately sold on wrapping up my baby!

So for those of you who don’t know what a wrap’s basically a long, very long piece of cloth mostly made out of stretchy soft fabric that is to be “wrapped” around you and the baby sits in the loop that you create while wrapping. If you don’t understand what I mean then don’t worry I will do a separate post on types and styles of baby carriers for you and how you can choose them.


This lovely wrap is named ‘Anmol’ which means ‘precious’. It came in a beautiful pouch with the brand logo switched in the center. The first thing I noticed was the super super soft material of the wrap. I could only say WWOWW! And I realized right away how amazing it would be to have a newborn wrapped up around me. And I have decided to use this wrap right from birth whenever we have our next baby 😉

However wearing a baby in a wrap for the first time may be intimidating for many mums and so it was for me but thanks to Rashmee, the founder of Anmol Wrap for being patient enough and sharing the videos that demonstrated various techniques, that’s where I learnt load of styles and tips of wrapping. And in no time I started feeling super comfy in it and now wrapping up the baby is actually the ‘most’ fun part! Yayy! 🙂


Now let’s talk fabric. The one used to make this wrap is extremely soft and organic, made out of 100% organic cotton! And it came in this pretty flowery print named ‘Blooms’ if I can recollect correctly. 🙂

This print just suits us perfectly given that we have two lovely girls. And flowers is such a girly thing. Thanks Anmol Wrap!


(Please note that the baby isn’t in the deep M-position in the above picture. I later adjusted it to make her more comfortable and ergonomic).

This wrap can be used right from birth and up until your baby is around the walking age. One thing that I particularly like about this wrap is it doesn’t have clips, fasteners or buckles of any sorts. It’s just one long long piece of super soft fabric which your baby will love being snuggled it. Do whatever and whichever way you like it! Awesome isn’t it? 🙂


I’m linking a video channel that I have recently discovered and fallen in love with it. It’s WrapYouInLove so if you are like me and wouldn’t mind experimenting with your style of baby wearing then do check it out. And I promise you will only love your wrap more! 🙂

My Rating:  4.5/5

And for you to stay updated with all the latest happenings at Anmol Wrap, don’t forget to check out Anmol Wrap on Facebook.

So what more are you waiting for?? Grab your favorite wrap and let us know how you like it?? And in case you have any questions related to Anmol Wrap, you can always feel free to join their closed Facebook group.

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**We were sent Anmol Wrap for the purpose of a fair and honest review. All the opinions and images are my own.




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