7 Products I Wish I Had Bought

The moment you announce it to the world that you are expecting a baby, everyone around you starts pouring in loads and loads of suggestions about the things or rather the ‘products’ you should consider getting and those that you may want to give a miss. Of course not every baby is the same. Each time you have one, your priorities/requirements change. So I have decided to list 7 products that I badly wish I had bought while I could!


I wish I had a good book on pregnancy: 

I remember signing up with Babycenter the moment I got found I was pregnant. I also downloaded loads and loads of apps to remain updated with the baby’s weekly development. That was the last thing I would do before falling asleep. Though I managed to read a major portion on pregnancy, delivery and baby, I just missed on few of the most wonderfully written books for mums and mums-to-be. And books are something I have always loved. But given their price tag in India, I chose to skip them!


I wish I bought a sleeping pillow: 

Have you never experienced an array of sleepless nights?? Well! Get pregnant! Just skip the whole drama to the last part and you will curse yourself. I know I’m being rude but facts are facts. I remember staying up all night just because I didn’t ‘how-to’ sleep with such a H.U.G.E belly. Damn! I just just wish I had a soft and snug maternity sleeping pillow to cuddle with and may be ‘sleep’.



I wish I had some nursing-friendly clothes:

Of course nursing was not easy to begin with. With the Big Thing I had my fair share of latching issues and feeding the baby in my regular clothes was probably the toughest thing to do . Breastfeeding was relatively easy with the Little Thing since I pretty much knew what-to’s and how-to’s but again not funding on some good nursing-friendly clothes was definitely not a good decision. I’m definitely going to grab some reasonable maternity and post-maternity lingerie if we have another baby 🙂

I wish I had a bigger cloth diaper stash: 


Courtesy: onabreath.com

When I first found out that we are going to have our the Big Thing,  I had never heard a single word on ‘cloth diapering’ pathetic I know! But just when we were having our second, I knew there has to be a way out of those harsh disposables and that’s when I landed myself in a deep obsession for cloth diapers. And I’m extremely glad about it! Intially it was a teeny tiny stash of Flip covers and inserts I would do laundry almost every day which of course wasn’t easy. Which is why I wish I had a huge stash so I could exclusively cloth diaper her right from birth and not feel too stressed out with the laundry thing!

I wish I had a glider:

A beautiful yet comfy glider is every new mums must-have. This I realized after having the baby. I wish I had read up a bit more on this and got myself one. Days are long and nights are longer when you have an ‘ever-hungry’ newborn on hand and can’t sit up well without a proper support. Gliders are magically you can feed the baby for as long as you can and may be even take your afternoon nap while the baby is peacefully sleeping in your lap.

I wish I had an automatic breast-pump:


With both the kids I used a manual pump for almost an year. And let me tell you pumping is not easy, at least not as easy as you think it is! I would pump for over 40-50 minutes at a stretch and my hands would go numb! If you are planning to have baby then do consider investing in a good automatic pump. This will save you from a lot of time, mess and will keep you sane.

I wish I had a nursing cover:nu

Nursing cover. Yes you are going to be nursing most of the time. Most of it. Be it at the park, or mall or a wedding. A good nursing cover will save you all the guilt. Plus having a ‘fully-fed-happy’ baby around you is indeed a delight in itself.

P.S: I was sent a beautiful nursing cover by Ireeya for a review soon after I weaned off the Little Thing. Ohh no! But nevermind I have already saved it for the next time 😉

I wish I had made loads and loads of burp cloths: 

I needed a ton of them, which again no one told me before I had the baby. Newborn babies are either feeding, sleeping or BURPING! Yes! Burping. You so would neither over two dozens of burp cloths to keep eveything ‘off’ your clothes. 😀


I wish I had a baby monitor:

This is another thing I deeply regret not having bought. Every new mum is paranoid and so was I. I remember running into the bedroom to check on the baby, only to find her peacefully sleeping. And there were days when I would just walk out of the  bedroom and hear a ‘thudd’ and find the baby on the floor (This happened only once though!)



So yeah these are the 7 things I wish I had bought. What have you missed? Let me know in the comment below and if you like this post do give me a thumbs up on Facebook. Thanks for stopping by!




2 thoughts on “7 Products I Wish I Had Bought

  1. Ooh, that maternity pillow looks lovely! I wish I had had one during those sleepless nights in pregnancy too!

    What are burp clothes? This is the first time I have heard of something like that! The ones in the picture look incredibly beautiful, BTW.

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