Crane Ultrasonic Humidifier Review

Hello readers I’m back with another review for you all! 🙂crane

*Note to the reader: If you don’t want to see the stunts I performed with our camera, you better skip this post. Because there will be an overdose of it in this one! May be 🙂


Okay now let me get this super straight. Both of our girls have always had this huge huge issue of ‘blocked nose’, right from their birth. I remember pressing the alarm like a 10 times in an hour for the nurse to come in to the room and pour in those magic drops (nasal drops) into their nose so they could sleep peaceful for another hour at least, which directly meant that I would get another hour of rest. And since then it’s been almost the same every night expect that I no longer have a nurse who rushes into my room on a push of a button!


The other day I was more than overwhelmed when someone from Crane got in touch with me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing their humidifier. That’s when I selected this adorable Duckie one! Cuteness overloaded isn’t??

Here in Hyderabad, nights specially in winters are pretty freezing and at times they do get harsh on kids. So I have been using this humidifier for night time. I don’t generally use it in day for obvious reasons! This duck is just too cute and attractive to keep your kids away from it. They are constantly trying to throw it into their toy stash! Oh! Yeah!


What’s a humidifier you must be thinking. Well is a device which increases humidity in the room. And this one is made to serve multiple purposes given it’s ultra adorable looks!

And these are the parts of humidifier before I assembled them. It did look intimidating at first but then I carefully read all the instructions and it was super simple.


All you need to do is to fill cold water in to the humidifier and plug it. We generally set it on medium for a proper balance. Apart from increasing the moisture and helping in nasal congestion it also prevents flu and dry skin.


The best thing about the humidifier is it has got auto shut off sensor! Now is this what we with brains?? Well may be! My kids and I are completely in love with the humidifier. And I would definitely recommend this to you!

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