ReeBaby ‘Love is..’ Diaper Bag Review

If you have been following me on Facebook or Instagram you know that we have moved out of India a couple of weeks ago and I have to admit that it was definitely not a cakewalk, nor for me neither for the girls. And before this move, we did a lot of travelling with kids back in India, to see off our people staying outside our hometown. And I would have never had those ‘we-are-all-sorted’ mommy and baby moments without this beautiful and functional ReeBaby diaper bag.


A diaper bag is definitely every mom’s essential but what if you have a super super adorable one to flaunt?? Would you not just love it to the moon and back? Well, out of all the diaper bags I have come across (Of course, the ones available in India) this one is my favourite and will remain that way for pretty long tim.

Ok let talk ReeBaby now 😉 This diaper bag is named ‘Love is…” And what better name can you think of?? Well, love is..actually a beautiful black bag with pink hearts and polka dots. Isn’t it? I reviewed a diaper bag by ReeBaby earlier here on my blog. You can check it out {here…} And I have to admit that this ones pretty different from the Beige one.


This one up here is a large spacious bag, very generously sized to accommodate almost everything you might need when you are out and about with your baby. And in my case, it very well serves for two girls.

I’m a person who when stepping out of the house will pack the ‘whole’ house thinking they may just need something I leave back at home. So generally my diaper bag is like ‘overloaded’ with pretty much everything. And with this bag, there’s always enough room for everything from toys to sippers to snacks to change of clothes to ipad to my phone and so much more.

These large front pockets can be snapped open for you to stuff some ready to grab stuff like tissue papers, baby wipes, burp cloth etc. I stuffed some candies and chocolate bars for the girls to munch on, at the airport.


Then there are again two ultra spacious zippered pockets along the length of the bag of about 6-7″ in height. Here’s where I stored my tickets and boarding passes. And believe me it made accessing them so easy. Just slide one zip and pop you have all the necessary documents required for boarding. And yeah I had my wallet in the other zippered pocket.


And not just those, there was also two side pouches to throw in your keys and other stuff. Though I’m yet to figure out what goes in there, for us. 🙂

And there this one little issue with these side pockets, and that’s – too often when my bag is overloaded and fully-packed, I can’t slide my hand inside and out of these pockets, which is one reason I generally don’t use them. I wish they were a little wider or had a mesh fabric, so I could see, right through it, which would save me the trouble of digging in it for tiny belongings.


I also got a sassy pink changing pad along with the bag, which I hardly use, now that I change their diapers almost ‘everywhere’, on bed, on floor, on couch. So yeah I have saved it for our next baby! 😉 Or may be just give it away to someone with a newborn.

The best part is that, this lovely bag comes with the stroller straps, of course it’s a must for every diaper bag but then most of the manufacturers are not really bother about it. And I’m glad ReeBaby cares for all those moms who always take along their overloaded baby bags and can very happily hang them on to their baby’s stroller. And trust me there’s no great joy then not having to carry that extra luggage.


So yeah all in all I just love this diaper bag. Just remember, mamas and mamas-to-be, you do not have to sacrifice style after having a baby!

Also you may want to check out the ReeBaby products on their very own Facebook page. And don’t forget to give us a thumbs up on Facebook if you liked this review!

**We were sent the ReeBaby Diaper Bag for the purpose of a fair and honest review. All the opinions and images are my own.


4 thoughts on “ReeBaby ‘Love is..’ Diaper Bag Review

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  2. Hey..which one of the two Reebaby diaper bags that you have reviewed do you recommend ? I am looking out for a spacious and durable one.

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