Our Overnight Cloth Diaper Solution

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Cloth diapering our girls overnight was something I was too hesitant to do, when I started thinking of cloth diapers. Both of them being super heavy wetters, too often I would find them in a pool of pee and a midnight diaper change was always a fail. They would just refuse to go back to sleep, which is why disposables were what we used for a couple of months until I finally found a solution that worked for us overnight.

So here it’s for you our nighttime cloth diapering solutions.

Solution #1

This is one of the favourite nighttime solutions for many cloth diapering moms. So the first thing I did was bought some BumGenius 4.0 pockets diapers from a local store, after reading a lot of moms swear by it. I use it with one of the two microfiber inserts it comes with, along with a hemp doubler which mostly is a HempBabies Hemp Doubler or Cloth Diaper Shop’s hemp insert.

So that’s basically double stuffing my pocket diaper to boost it’s absorbency. Four layers of microfiber insert plus 2 or 3 layers of hemp inserts have worked fine for us. You can also use a HempBabies Little Weeds (not available in India) and tri-fold it.


I also use our EcoTush Cloth Diapers Fleece liner to make the pocket stay dry. Of course BG 4.0 is a stay dry pocket diaper but if it’s on the bum for a prolonged period of 7-8 hours, the baby  may just feel damp or wet sometimes, and an extra fleece liner makes it sort of ‘more’ stay-dry.

Most babies don’t seem to be bothered by the dampness and some tend to develop redness which is why I don’t really like taking chances.

 Solution #2

This is my got-to solution for our heavy/side and tummy sleepers. A Fitted Diaper. Most of the time I use EcoTush Fitted Diapers that I make with a waterproof cover over it. And can very easily go for 9-10 hours or so with out a midnight diaper change.


And recently I have also used this bamboo fitted diaper I was sent for a review by the Beetle Diapers (coming soon). Since fitted diapers are generally not stay-dry, you can use a fleece liner on the inside to make it stay-dry.

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You can alternatively use a wool cover with a fitted diaper, if you are not a fan of PUL covers.

So yeah those are the two nighttime cloth diapering solutions that have worked for us. Let me know your cloth diaper solution for overnight in the comments.

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