The First Five

It just feels like yesterday when we were just a couple and now we are proud parents. But if you ask me if I was ready for it, the answer is still unknown and am I enjoying the journey the answer is “yes I am very much” however it was not an easy ride for me.


The First month

We were on our trip to London. Well, I was on a leisure trip and my hubby on a business. Leisure for me because I got to meet my friends there and her two little cubs who are very dear to me. I stayed with my friend while my husband was staying in a hotel. So, after enjoying my 3 days’ freedom and playing Kinect adventures with those kids, I finally went back to join my husband at the hotel. Was I missing him? Yes! I was… hehe.

While I was enjoying and roaming around, I suddenly realised that my periods were delayed by 10 days which usually are a week delayed always, expressed my concern to dear hubby and after loads of discussion, we agreed upon doing a pregnancy test. ‘Why were we thinking so much to take a test’? It’s because it was just a month since we had started planning for a baby and as per every one it generally takes 6 months to 1 year to conceive.

Finally after several pregnancy tests and seeing all the blue n pink lines, I finally took a digital pregnancy test, that approved I was 2-3 weeks pregnant..Voila!!

Surprised, amused, happy, confused… mixed bunch of emotions as we were planning for the baby but at the same time were too relaxed thinking it will only happen in the next 6-12 months. So that’s how I welcomed myself to “Motherhood”.

Second Month

I was in my second month or 1st trimester and the trouble had begun. I had heard about morning sickness but mine was evening which shifted to morning, afternoon and then whole day.

Due to this I wasn’t able to stand the smell of anything, not even my own. I love perfumes but even they made me puke.

Everybody kept assuring me that everything will be fine in few weeks. Even the midwife I met assured me that it’s just a matter of few weeks and I should be fine by next week.

Sigh, I kept waiting for the next week to come.

Third Month

Did I pass the puking phase? Answer is No! 😦 Couldn’t even go out on Easter weekend and alas no one was there to take care of me as I was living far away from home in UK.

The only thing that kept my spirits up was the thought there is a tiny little body growing inside me and I am doing everything for it.

While I was puking and fainting, came the time for the 1st scan. I was all anxious to see the first sight of my baby.

With our hearts pounding faster, we went for the scan and there we saw the most beautiful thing of our life ‘Our Child’

Fourth & Fifth Month

We finally announced to our friends of my pregnancy and that a little one is going to arrive soon on 6th November which was my hubby’s birthday too and that made me happier. While I was happy thinking about the baby, my sickness didn’t leave a chance to make me sad. So with mutual agreement, I decided to go to India for few weeks as my husband was supposed to travel every week for 5 days to London and I would be left with no one to take care of me. Hence, I flew, back home.

On reaching India, my health improved drastically and yes, I was able to see a little bump and that happiness can’t be described in words.

I once again congratulated myself for having you inside me and felt the Happiness of Motherhood’ 🙂