Beetle Diapers ~ Bamboo Fitted Review


Recently Beetle Diapers sent us their one-size bamboo fitted diaper to try on our 19-month-old the Little Thing. Not surprisingly, my first impression of the fitted was how soft everything was, including the leg gussets. The bamboo fabric is a super fine, that has a lovely drape, feel and stretch to it.

After prepping with four washes, I found it was just as soft as before.

Beetle Diapers are based in India and their products are made in China. This bamboo fitted comes in beautiful colours and we were sent this one.


This bamboo Fitted diaper is also known as the waterproof bamboo fitted for it has a hidden layer of PUL.

It comes with a snap-on bamboo insert that you can just lay in your diaper. This makes it easy for you to add any  booster that you may want to use to enhance it’s absorbency. Like all the one-size diapers, it comes with an adjustable rise with 3 size settings (2 rows of snaps).

Soft and gentle ruffled leg and back elastic that goes against your baby’s skin.


Below is a close-up of how to snap the insert on to the cover. With the same features of an aio diaper I prefer calling it an all-in-one than a fitted. 🙂

IMG_1161 (1)

The Little Thing first wore the fitted for a 3-hour nap and it actually lasted well past the nap, so this is definitely a very absorbent diaper.

FullSizeRender (11)

The fitted has wide crotch area and is generously sized to fit chunky babies.

Next, I tested it over night and added one regular hemp doubler from my stash. Though it has a built-in PUL layer, I prefer using it with a cover, because I can’t take any chance when it comes to nighttime. This combo kept leaks at bay all night. And doesn’t look very bulky, which I think is a bonus.

However I plan to try it out without a cover in future (I will update the post after I do it, anyway). My favorite covers to use with fitted diapers? Definitely Thirsties and Flip.


So I’m super pleased with not only the absorbing power, but also the great fit of this diaper. It’s a good price for a fantastic fitted that could possibly be your solution for a heavy wetter at nap time or even overnight.

However there’s something I don’t like about it and it’s that, the yellow colours used to serge the diaper have bled in the first wash. Something I didn’t expect. And since the inside of the diaper has bamboo cotton, a natural fabric, it tends to stain very easy. Although sunning the diapers can help in getting rid of it.

Another thing that bothers me is that after a couple of washes,  the serged edges often roll up towards inside and I have to take a little extra care so it doesn’t make our girl uncomfortable.

I definitely like the way the diapers dries quickly. May be within 4-5 hours, which is considerably quick for a fitted, given that I dry only indoors.

The Bamboo fitted definitely solves the problems of bulk and leakage because it truly is an absorbent diaper without giving your baby a huge, padded bum.

Here are some pictures showing how this diaper fits on the Little Thing who is 20 months old. It’s soft but snug gussets and fabric hug her just right, and the diaper stays put no matter how active she gets.


I only wish it had cross over tabs, for babies with small waist. So if you have baby with a small waist them you may want to rethinking before buying this diaper.

However I like the overall fit and functionality of the diaper and we don’t have a skinny toddler to worry about the waist size. So all in all it’s a good diaper. And it has worked well for us so far.

** We were sent the diaper for the purpose of a fair and honest review. All the opinions and images are my own. Please note that every baby is different. And something that has worked for us, may not work for you and vice versa **








6 thoughts on “Beetle Diapers ~ Bamboo Fitted Review

  1. U hav written u have used hemo doubler the bamboo fitted with cb insert alone was not enough for night? I have a boy who is tummy sleeper,please advice

    • Hi Nidhi,
      I used it with hemp doubler + cover as mentioned in the post. I can’t quite figure out where I mentioned anything about cb insert. You can use a charcoal bamboo + hemp insert inside a fitted for a heavy wetter. Hope it helps 🙂

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