Book review – The life changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo

Being a stay at home , one of my favourite things to do is , watch videos and read books about – how to keep my house tidy and clutter free. Though it’s challenge to do it with 16 month little energetic boy !!!



I came across this amazing book , which really changed the way I did my cleaning and tidying. Marie Kondo mentions in the book that only keep and hold on to those things which “Sparks Joy” . Her method is called ‘Konmari Method’.

She mentions hold each and every item you possess in your hand and see and feel if that really gives you happiness and sparks joy. At first it really feels strange to even think about it. But,trust me it made perfect sense when I did it .

Being a mom I always think of the values I want to instill in my child and make him follow them on his own. I believe in children see, children DO. I am pretty sure that I was never taught on ‘how to tidy up when I was a little girl’ but I was still expected to keep my surroundings tidy.

By following Marie Kondo’s method I am sure one can never go back to the same state of untidyness. Her approach is very simple yet very effective. She mentions to tidy up not only by location but by category like clothes first , books second , paper , miscellaneous and so on. Take everything out from your cupboard and lay on the floor or bed and hold , touch and feel if that thing sparks joy. You will be surprise to see the amount of stuff you have when you actually see it !!!

After reading the book , I have recommended it to so many of my friends and close ones to read it in order to experience the true magic, of Kondo’s words. Also I have to confess that there’s really nothing I don’t like about this book.

Of course the whole process of tidying up can be a bit time consuming depending upon how much stuff you already have and also with other given commitments in your life. There are several groups and videos available in order to keep motivating your self which shows how effective this method is.


Had I known this method many years before , life would have been so easier. Well it’s  never too late for anything. Isn’t it??!! I love the way her method is about keeping things what you really love instead of getting rid of things which you don’t !!

As mostly that’s what we always think – what should I get rid of instead of thinking – hmm what is it that I really love. So really Kudos for changing the way I think now. That will be one thing I definitely and surely want my child to learn in life. In this book she also teaches how to fold clothes and store things and also she mentions to thank those items which no more serves the purpose for being helpful and useful in your life – which makes it more holistic approach for tidying. Completely new concept !!! I kept reading the book again and again so I don’t miss any important part of it. As it is really eye opener for me and indeed life changing .