A Stash In Progress ~ Modern Cloth Diapers


Having two kids in cloth diapers directly means loads of cloth diapers, a lot of extra laundry and of course a lot of investment. I started building my stash almost two years back. And it’s still not a complete one, because very often I see new diapers coming up in the market, use them and my favourites keep changing from time to time.

Today, I have decided to document all of my cloth diaper buys, so one day when the girls will grow out of these cute diapers, I can sit back and scroll out this post and be happy about the investments we made for a better living. So here goes!


 ^^ Our first cloth diapers. Flip diapering system and stay dry inserts. We bought just two covers and some inserts initially to see if they work for us.


 ^^After we were impressed by the Flips, we added 8 more flip covers, few more stay-dry inserts and a couple of Bumgenius doublers to boost the absorbency.

bumb2^^ And then one day I came across this cute Bumberry cover online and just couldn’t resist it. It came with a bamboo insert.


^^ Then these cute Charlie Banana One Size pockets were the next addition to our cloth diaper stash.


 ^^ After seeing a lot of moms buy china cheapies and hearing some positive reviews. We got these and they have worked quite well for us. I also ordered two bumgenius 4.0 pocket diapers, in Albert and Moonbeam (not pictured)  prints, from a local online store.


 ^^ I then decided I wanted to make something on my own and there it is…my first very own handmade cloth diaper. It has two snap on inserts for more absorbency.


 ^^ Next, I ordered some charcoal bamboo and suede pocket diapers from Alva baby’s online store along with a wet bag to store dirty diapers.


 ^^ Then I went on and added three more bumgenius 4.0 pocket diapers Butternut (not pictured), Hummingbird and Dazzle. And one Bumgenius Elemental Countess.


 ^^ The BG Moonbeam is stacked here with Flip and Elemental.


^^And this is the most recent addition to my stash. One Thirsties cover, 2 Osocozy Unbleached prefolds, 2 Bamboo fitteds, 2 fleece pull ups.

**This stash is still in progress, so I will keep updating it as and when I grab new cloth diaper stuff.




5 thoughts on “A Stash In Progress ~ Modern Cloth Diapers

  1. Love, love, love this post!

    I am very new to cloth diapers and haven’t used anything yet except for a Superbottoms and the traditional langots. I am slowly falling in love with the many cloth diapers that are available in the market today. I want to buy loads for my darling daughter. 🙂 What colours, what designs! How does one resist?!

    • Thank you so much once again!! Just don’t resist! Go ahead and get using them. Initially you’ll be tempted but later on you’ll realize which brands are working best for you. So for now get your favorite prints from each brand! 😀

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