Four Photos | March 2015

This series Four Photos reminds me of taking more and more pictures every month. And I’m sure I will cherish all these moments for years to come.


^^ The Big Thing absolutely loves coloring and I took this photograph days after we moved here to Doha. Back then we hadn’t stepped out to shop for books yet, so mama had to draw her an owl.


^^ I recently joined a group for bakers on Facebook, that’s where I drew my inspiration from, for making these super yummy chocolate chip cookies. I will be posting the recipe soon, of course if I find enough time.


^^ And if you thought that’s our kids’ new chalkboard then you may want to think again. We got a brand new center-table for our living room. And the next day, this happened! *sigh*


^^ No! No one gifted me these. I found them on sale at the grocery store and just couldn’t resist. Oh! I got only three of these because I’m on a diet!! Hehe! 😉

 I strongly suggests all of you to try and capture little moments in life, so you can look back to see how much fun you have had while snapping them. So go get your cameras and start making some memories!!



3 thoughts on “Four Photos | March 2015

  1. I love random picture-taking too. You are so right, these little moments captured on camera are what we will look back on later and think fondly of them. 🙂 Love the last para of this post.

    Great pictures!

    LOL @ ‘the big thing’.

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