Sebamed Baby Bubble Bath Review


After we moved here to Doha, one thing our little girls loved to look forward to, was their bath time. Back in India they were so young that I would bathe them in their Mee Mee Bath Tub, one after the other, of course.

And they are grown up a little, when they absolutely loved spending a good chunk of time splashing water at each other. But then after a couple of months, the excitement started fading. The Big Thing starting prioritizing other things over bath-time. And started getting cranky every time I took her for a one. That’s when DH suggested we spice things up a little.

And on our very next visit to the grocery store, we picked up this bottle of Sebamed baby bubble bath. We can back home, fed the girls and went straight into bathroom to try out our new bubble bath.


 What the Sebamed Baby Bubble Bath claims:

  • 100% soap and alkaline free
  • It’s pH value is 5.5 to balance the moisture of the baby’s skin.
  • It’s hypoallergenic.
  • No tears formula
  • It can be used from the day #1.
  • cleanses without dry out baby’s skin.
  • Herbal extracts from medical plants to soothe and protect the baby’s delicate skin.
  • Dermatological and clinically tested

Price:   200ml for QR 18

Shelf life:  36 months.


Texture:  Very clear liquid. It’s not too runny not too thick. The consistency is somewhere between that of an oil’s and water’s, if that makes sense.

My experience with Sebamed Baby Bubble Bath:

Our girls love bubbles. And they were super excited about this. Initially I poured just a few drops as stated, into our bath tub that had a couple inches of water. And very soon I realized that ‘drops’ were not going to help. It needed good number of squirts to form enough bubbles for girls to enjoy. They love splashing water at each other and they often feel a little irritated when the water gets into their eyes (they do this with pretty much everything). But they are kids they can get over-dramatic at times. And this is one reason why I doubt if it’s really a no tear formula.

The Little Thing sometimes tries to put the frothy water into her mouth to taste it ( of course when I’m looking away). And she doesn’t really seem to mind the taste of it either. We have been using this for over two and a half weeks now and the bottle is almost empty. We are definitely getting another one soon.

Pros of Sebamed Baby Bubble Bath:

  • The packaging is very appealing.
  • It’s very reassuring to know that the product is safe and mild for the most delicate skin.
  • It’s dye-free and paraben free.
  • Fragrance free since it’s a medicated product.
  • The bottle is very easy to pop open and use.


Cons of Sebamed Baby Bubble Bath:

  • Generally more product is required than is stated on the leaflet. So it does not last for long.
  • A little expensive for the quantity you get. But definitely not in terms of the quality.

Will I re-purchase Sebamed Baby Bubble Bath?

Yes of course! I will keep getting this one until I find a product that’s more skin-friendly and safe for the babies than the Sebamed baby bubble bath.

Rating: 4/5

I haven’t included the action shots of our girls, because they were too shy to be photographed with no clothes on!

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**The Mommy Blog was not compensated to do this review. The review is purely based on my experience and is not a proven one. All opinions and images are my own.



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