Cloth Diaper Favourites TAG 2014

chlLast year I started following a lot of new cloth diapering vlogs on YouTube, and I have been meaning to post this ever since. But I think I just missed publishing it.

Anyhow it’s never too late. And so here it is for you my Cloth Diaper Favourites Tag for the year 2014.

 Favourite style (aio, pocket, ai2, fitted, prefold, hybrid etc):

Definitely pockets, for the easy of use. I get to chose any type/number of inserts to boost the absorbency. It may not be everybody’s favourite but then stuffing and unstuffing pocket diapers is still my favourite part of our laundry routine 😉

 Favourite brands:

At this moment, I love BumGenius and Alva Baby.

 Favourite colours:

Blue and grey

 Favourite prints:

Definitely Chevrons! I have a Rainbow Chevron from Alva and absolutely adore it.

 Favourite closure (snaps, aplix, pins, snappis):

I have always loved snaps, never bothered to try anything else. So snaps are my favourite until I try anything else.

 Favourite type (one-size or sized):

One-size, because the same diaper can be used with more than one child. And I already have two in cloth. 

 Favourite diaper in your stash:

Bumgenius 4.0 

 Favourite laundry detergent:

I haven’t used many cloth diaper safe detergents but then Krya (Indian brand) is my current favourite.

  Favourite diaper cream:

Not a single cloth diaper  safe cream is available in India (not any that I’ve come across), so I will have to skip this question. 🙂 

 Favourite cloth wipes:

Homemade pure cotton/jersey wipes that are super soft on the baby’s bum and easy to wash.

 Favourite fabric (for cloth diapers):

Definitely flannel.

 Favourite fabric (for cloth wipes):

Cotton is my top favourite.

 Favourite wipe solution:

A solution I made at home with water, baby body wash and baby oil.

 Favourite storage items (pail, pail liner, wet bags):

Pail. I have a huge regular one!

 Favourite place to purchase:

I have been purchasing cloth diapers from a lot of places lately, but in India, I would most certainly rate Amazon for their seasonal deals and prompt delivery.

 Favourite thing about cloth diapers:

My most favourite thing about cloth diapers is the fact that they can be used with more than just one child! And if you are planning to have more babies in future, you can just save these up and cloth diaper your next , right from the hospital.



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