Mommy & Toddlers Favourites | May 2015


Shopping has always been a major part of our weekend outings. And with two young girls, it only gets more interesting and fun. And I’m here to share with you, our Mommy and Toddlers Favourites for this month. So let’s get started.

Thomas Like Train 😉


^^Our girls have always adored pretty much everything with wheels. And this toy train is their current favourite. They love watching Thomas and Friends and are obsessed with Thomas. After a lot of search, as husband couldn’t find Thomas Train anywhere, he got them this colourful train instead.

They love it, also for the driver that transforms in a ‘screw-driver’ that can fix the wheels. This is one of the most used/loved toys of the month.

The Story Of The Elephant Children’s Pop-up Book:

The Mommy Blog

^^  This huge beautiful book is a Quranic pop-up book for children by Shade 7 publications Limited. I got this for the purpose of review (coming soon). We absolutely love reading this book together.

Feeding Bottles:

The Mommy Blog

^^ These are the bottles that we bought for the girls. Yes they still have their milk in these bottles, once every day. That’s okay with me. As long as it’s just plain milk (okay don’t judge me for this). 🙂

A Lip Balm: 

The Mommy Blog

^^This is my new favourite. I haven’t really used Labello before. I don’t think I can came across this back in India. Anyhow I just love the sweet fruity smell and beautiful shine it has.  This is the latest addition to my diaper bag.

Those are all, for this month. Have you have used any of these products? Would you want me to do a detailed review of any of these? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to do it for you. 😀




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