I’m a mommy who is obsessed with wearing her babies. And here’s where you will find my reviews on some for the Indian and International baby-gears, that I have tried and tested so far along with some interesting information on baby-wearing. Please feel free to leave a comment on the posts in case you have any questions! I don’t call myself an expert baby-wearing mum, instead I could say I’m a ‘constantly learning momma’! So head over to the posts to read what I have to say on babywearing!

Baby-wearing in India — GETTING STARTED


What’s the first thing you hear when you give birth? Your baby’s first cry…. Aah, the sweetest sound that you’ll ever hear! What’s the only thing you hear over the next few days, weeks… baby’s ‘constant’ crying, uh-huh, correction, the sweetest sound is now a ‘wailing’!{…Continue Reading}

Baby Carrier Reviews

Cookie Pie Ring Sling Review


I think everyone is aware of my baby wearing fixation/ obsession. I will      let you call it what you want. But if you have read any of my previous posts or know me at all you are aware of my love of babywearing. Yes my    name is Haajra and I love baby-wearing. {…Continue Reading}

Anmol Wrap Baby Carrier Review


A lot has happened since I last blogged. An on-going roller coaster of emotions, falling ill and recovering, a family holiday and an increased writing commitments. I’m so glad that I’m finally back to work and super excited to share a bunch of lovely products that I have been using. {…Continue Reading}

Soul Ring Sling Review


Hello Mommies! Remember the other day I introduced you to Chinmayie of Soul Slings?? So here’s my review after having used her sling for almost over three weeks. This was the box in which  my sling came home, neatly folded and beautifully arranged. {…Continue Reading}

Mee Mee Baby Carrier Review


When the Big Thing was born I had pretty much decided that I’m going wear my baby when ever I’m out of the house, which meant that I was going to remain hands-free most of the time. So after a bit of a thought I settled with this one the Mee Mee Deluxe baby carrier which I thought I should review here for all those moms looking for a baby carrier. {…Continue Reading}



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