The Story Of The Elephant | Children’s Book Review


A couple of months back I received an email from a very humble lady at Shade 7 publishing, asking if I would be interested in reviewing their children’s book here on my blog.

The moment I went through the mail I knew I wanted to do this. For two reasons, Reason #1, Both of our girls absolutely love being around with books. I say being around because they are too young to read everything on there own. They enjoy flipping the pages over and over again, staring at colourful pictures and may be reading a word or two.

Reason  #2, Husband and I have been searching for good and simple Islamic books for our children for a long time now. We did buy a few books in India and carried them all the way to Doha, when we moved here. And this book seemed like a perfect addition for our stash.


About Shade 7: 

Shade 7 is a global, multilingual publisher of premium Quranic pop up books and 3D digital interactive apps that help children learn about all religions but primarily Islam in a fun and engrossing way.

The company has partnered with READ, a charitable foundation, with a pledge to donate 25 books for every 1,000 copies sold, in order to make them accessible to children in all circumstances; we believe that education should not be a privilege, it is a necessity.

Currently, Shade 7 have an ambitious publishing schedule of 30 titles including 3D digital app versions of each of our publications coming soon.


About The Story of the Elephant: 

The Story of the Elephant, is the first Quranic pop-up book by Shade 7 publications, which tells the much loved story of Surah Al-Feel from chapter 105 of the Holy Quran.


So this book narrates the incident as described in one of the most beautiful verses in the Holy Quran. It’s basically a story that talks about Allah, the Almighty’s immense strength.


It’s undeniable that the pictures that keep popping up from the book make everything so real and simple for little children to understand. We as parents, try to read the story to our girls, one part at a time but may be since they aren’t big enough at the moment, they don’t understand a lot of it but they still enjoy the lively illustrations.

The Big Thing, has memorized the names of the people and places in it. And the Little Thing, who will be 2 next month, very quickly recognizes Kaaba (This is my favourite part).


Apart from many other beautiful illustrations like the huge green bird, hands joined together in dua, the page with a huge elephant in chains is everyone’s favourite. The best part is that children get to pull the long card attached to the elephant and it moves up and down and children thus understand that the elephant is chained and can’t moved beyond that point.


At the end of the book, there is a little quiz for children, followed by all the answers. We haven’t taken up the quiz yet because I thought it’s too early for their age. Plus they haven’t memorized the whole story, to be able to take it up on their own.


Last but definitely not the least this lovely pop-up book comes with a huge envelope attached at the back with an antique letter seal. This envelope contains some cards of elephants and a huge print out of map of the place where this story is based. I have saved this, for both the girls to grow up a little so they can both sit down together and do some fun activity.

What I like about the book, The Story of the Elephant:

  1. The huge size of the book, that catches your child’s attention instantly.
  2. Beautiful and lively illustrations that improves child’s imagination and creatively.
  3. Activities that come along with the book, especially the elephants on the card which are extremely travel-friendly. (You can remove them and pop into your diaper bag, throw in a few crayons and you are sorted for your next flight).

What I don’t like about the book, The Story of the Elephant: 

I’m so glad that there isn’t a single thing that I don’t like about the book. (This doesn’t happen too often with me! Anyway :))

Do I recommend this book to other children? 

Yes, I strongly recommend this book to all the parents who are keen on instilling Islamic foundations in their young children in a very fun yet interesting way. I’m sure your child will enjoy it as much as my children are.

Also I have to admit that I received this book approximately two months ago and my children still haven’t had enough of it. Every time I bring it out, I see their little faces light up with joy. That excitement to learn something new everyday is remarkable.

And this book is definitely going to stay with us for years to come. And I really hope Shade 7 comes with loads of other such fun, interesting and educational books for young minds.

My Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

** We were sent the book in exchange of a fair and honest review. I was not paid to write this post. All the opinions and images are my own.



Mommy & Toddlers Favourites | May 2015


Shopping has always been a major part of our weekend outings. And with two young girls, it only gets more interesting and fun. And I’m here to share with you, our Mommy and Toddlers Favourites for this month. So let’s get started.

Thomas Like Train 😉


^^Our girls have always adored pretty much everything with wheels. And this toy train is their current favourite. They love watching Thomas and Friends and are obsessed with Thomas. After a lot of search, as husband couldn’t find Thomas Train anywhere, he got them this colourful train instead.

They love it, also for the driver that transforms in a ‘screw-driver’ that can fix the wheels. This is one of the most used/loved toys of the month.

The Story Of The Elephant Children’s Pop-up Book:

The Mommy Blog

^^  This huge beautiful book is a Quranic pop-up book for children by Shade 7 publications Limited. I got this for the purpose of review (coming soon). We absolutely love reading this book together.

Feeding Bottles:

The Mommy Blog

^^ These are the bottles that we bought for the girls. Yes they still have their milk in these bottles, once every day. That’s okay with me. As long as it’s just plain milk (okay don’t judge me for this). 🙂

A Lip Balm: 

The Mommy Blog

^^This is my new favourite. I haven’t really used Labello before. I don’t think I can came across this back in India. Anyhow I just love the sweet fruity smell and beautiful shine it has.  This is the latest addition to my diaper bag.

Those are all, for this month. Have you have used any of these products? Would you want me to do a detailed review of any of these? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to do it for you. 😀



Book review – The life changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo

Being a stay at home , one of my favourite things to do is , watch videos and read books about – how to keep my house tidy and clutter free. Though it’s challenge to do it with 16 month little energetic boy !!!



I came across this amazing book , which really changed the way I did my cleaning and tidying. Marie Kondo mentions in the book that only keep and hold on to those things which “Sparks Joy” . Her method is called ‘Konmari Method’.

She mentions hold each and every item you possess in your hand and see and feel if that really gives you happiness and sparks joy. At first it really feels strange to even think about it. But,trust me it made perfect sense when I did it .

Being a mom I always think of the values I want to instill in my child and make him follow them on his own. I believe in children see, children DO. I am pretty sure that I was never taught on ‘how to tidy up when I was a little girl’ but I was still expected to keep my surroundings tidy.

By following Marie Kondo’s method I am sure one can never go back to the same state of untidyness. Her approach is very simple yet very effective. She mentions to tidy up not only by location but by category like clothes first , books second , paper , miscellaneous and so on. Take everything out from your cupboard and lay on the floor or bed and hold , touch and feel if that thing sparks joy. You will be surprise to see the amount of stuff you have when you actually see it !!!

After reading the book , I have recommended it to so many of my friends and close ones to read it in order to experience the true magic, of Kondo’s words. Also I have to confess that there’s really nothing I don’t like about this book.

Of course the whole process of tidying up can be a bit time consuming depending upon how much stuff you already have and also with other given commitments in your life. There are several groups and videos available in order to keep motivating your self which shows how effective this method is.


Had I known this method many years before , life would have been so easier. Well it’s  never too late for anything. Isn’t it??!! I love the way her method is about keeping things what you really love instead of getting rid of things which you don’t !!

As mostly that’s what we always think – what should I get rid of instead of thinking – hmm what is it that I really love. So really Kudos for changing the way I think now. That will be one thing I definitely and surely want my child to learn in life. In this book she also teaches how to fold clothes and store things and also she mentions to thank those items which no more serves the purpose for being helpful and useful in your life – which makes it more holistic approach for tidying. Completely new concept !!! I kept reading the book again and again so I don’t miss any important part of it. As it is really eye opener for me and indeed life changing .

Lovely Board-Books Gift Pack Review

I clearly remember the evening when a heavy looking package arrived at our door. I knew there had to be something new and ‘lovely’ in there for both of my girls. I was so humbled seeing this lovely little collection of board-books that were so colourful and beautifully arranged keeping in mind their little readers.

This set of books is by the Dreamland Publications. The ten mini books came in a shiny-red pack which had the books neatly tucked on the inside of it. At the very first sight, the Big Thing was pleasantly surprised to have them. You know she L.O.V.E.S books? But so many books at one time, was too over-whelming for her. And of course The Little Thing just kept jumping and jumping! She couldn’t run and hug them all like her sister anyway!


These books are actually miniatures of all those list of things your child should learn at her own pace of course. Each book has about 12-13 mini board pages, including the two cover pages. And every book comes in a different colour so it’s a wonderful delight my little ones.

I have personally loved these book a lot may be because of it’s simplicity and those beautiful bright colours are to die for. And I should confess that though I am a momma, I have my own favourite page/picture which I’m going to tell you about.

Both of my girls spend a lot of time staring at, switching books and eating up a few. Everything they do is because they love them a lot. In fact the Big Thing wants to have at least one of the books by her side in her bed, like she’s having two of them right now. Yeah I know it’s weird. But then I can’t help it. She likes it that way and I don’t want to upset the poor girl just for the sake of taking some pictures of those books, for this review.


Anyways, coming back to what this collection of books consists of, it has one book for vehicles, featuring road, air, water transportation. I love this page with parachute and rocket. There’s something about reach the clouds!! 😀


This is the colour book, showcasing different things having same colours. And my favourite is the one was the blue cup and saucer. How doesn’t relish their first morning cup of tea/coffee?


This mini book here has beautiful illustrations of toys like dolls, doll houses, tractors, Russian dolls etc. And my favourite is the doll house. As a child, I never had my own doll house, so a quick glance at this doll house drags me into a beautiful fairyland of my own.bo4

This one features all types of yummy and colourful fruits from apricots to mango to plum to melon. I hope the girls will be more interested in exploring/tasting new fruits after having come across so many, in this little book.


This book over here showcases a number of animals from pet to wild to huge to tall. And I love the giraffe in it because it ‘thinks’ so ‘high’! 😉

There are five more books for numbers, ABC, vegetables, food and birds.

All in all this Lovely Board Book gift set is indeed very ‘lovely’ and presentable. I recommend this collection to all you mommies and daddies who want their kids to having some fun while they learn a gazillion of things. It could easily make a wonderful gift to children between 0-3 years.

And at three years of age your child already knows almost everything pictured in here, she will still love shuffling, arranging and re-arranging them in her shelf and may just end up sleeping with one under her pillow,in no time.

And not just these books, there are a tons of wonderful books available at the Dreamland Publications . You can also follow them on Facebook so you don’t miss out any of their awesome creations, designed especially for your little one!

** We were the collection of books for the purpose of a fair and honest review. All the images and opinions are my own.


My Collection of Animals’ Fairy Tales Book 2 Review


I got this fairy tale book in my June Firstcry Haul, along with the Fisher Price Toddlerz Tappy The Turtle and a few more back-to-school stuff. There was some sale going on so I had to grab this lovely book for the Big Thing because she just loves books. And after a week of having it around and spending time flipping it’s colourful pages I thought it’s time I should review it here. So here’s what I feel of this lovely book.


This big book is basically a collection of a couple of very famous fairy tales. It is so beautiful and the illustrations are just awesome. It is published by the Apple Publishing International.


It has fairy tales like The Ugly Duckling, Puss in Boots, Beauty and the Beast, The Pied Piper of Hamlet, Three Little Bears and The Mouse and The Bird.

The Big Thing has loved this book ever since it has come home and keeps slipping through beautiful stories in it. Now that she has started going to school, I’m sure she will love her books even more and value the time we spend together reading them.


So may be that’s why I have decided to start making our little switch to regular books from board books. But this one is a hard-paper back.


Over all this book is amazing to read to your toddler, may be now she doesn’t understand everything but I’m sure she will gradually learn to treat books, the way they are to be treated.

What are you reading to your toddler?? Let me know in the comments below.haajra


A little box of childrens’ books review


I bought this set of six small board books in my Firstcry haul last month and since then these tiny bunch of books have become a major part of our girls’ mini library.

Initially I ordered  these books so the Little Thing could just sit down and stare at them. But only after they came home, I realized that the Big Thing also loves them equally. She is always busy flipping the pages, arranging and re-arranging them every other minute. She just adores them too much.

So here’s what I felt about this little box of books.

This is a collection of little boardbooks for toddler to sit around and enjoy the colouful pictures and understand ‘what-goes-where’ of different things, like what to use in which season, things available in the shop, animals at the zoo, and a few more.

bx2This whole set has a tiny bundle of six different books, showcasing different themes for your little one to learn where to find which thing. It tells you about holidays, at the zoo, pets, seasons, at home, at the shop and all the little ‘things’ your child can find there.


This book is named ‘a little book of all seasons and shows all the relation things to ‘seasons’.


Similarly this book here is ‘a little book of pets’, that feature various pet animal one can have.


Then this is a little book of zoo, it displays beautiful and colourful animals, you child may find on his visit to a zoo.

bx6This is my favourite and it called ‘a little book of holidays’. And it showcases all the element and places you may want to enjoy with your child on your vacation.


This book over here tells about various things like furniture, and other necessary items for a house,or rather a ‘home’. bx8And this last boardbook here shows all the stuff available in a market or in a shop, including cakes and cookies. And this little one is named ‘a little book of at the shop’.

All in all I’m very impressed by the simple yet beautiful idea of explaining ‘what-goes-where’, which can otherwise get a tad difficult for a little toddler who wants to learn everything about everything. And I’m so happy, both the girls like it. I would definitely suggest you to let your child have her own little library or a book stash where she can often spend her evening,

What’s your kid reading? Let me know in the comments below.