Preparing for the Baby ~ Quick Tips

Ouch! A thud on my abdomen woke me from my deep sleep in the middle of the night. With my half open eyes, I glanced towards the table clock and it read 3:00. I noticed a cute little baby on my lap with his tiny palm clasping my night dress.


Gosh! One kick took me back 6 months reminding me of his kicks and punches inside the tummy while I was pregnant. Oh my god! I was a mother and just few months back, I was carrying my little one not knowing how he would look, how he would crave for me, how he would giggle.

After the First five months of giddiness and puking, here I was busy shopping for my soon-to-be-born baby. Trust me, I was enjoying every second of it. But, because I didn’t know the gender of the baby, everything I was buying was of neutral shade or unisex be it rompers or a bedding set.

TIP: If you don’t know whether you are having a boy or a girl, the safest colours are white, and any colour other than blue, pink or black. But, trust me and am sure you all would agree with me, babies look cute nevertheless.

Wondering if it is a Baby Boy or girl?

With the new arrival on the way, I got the freedom to go on a shopping spree. At one instance, my hubby thought I would buy the entire Liverpool city center for I would return home after spending 6-8 hours roaming around. But my hubby did appreciate my smart buying. I would visit city centre searching for sale in good stores. This way we got some really good dresses of good quality at a bargain.

TIP: Plan in advance and look for bargains on dresses and especially nappies. Babies use nappies at the speed of light. They drink, poo, drink, wee, drink poo and the cycle goes on. Hence, stocking nappies is never a bad idea.

Also, buy very few dresses for the age group of 0-3 months because babies grow like hulk. Blink of an eye and the first few dresses would fail to fit. Try to go for 3-9 months, if you ask me.

Next on the list was getting the hospital bag ready. Finally my hubby started understanding the fact that you cannot do things at the last minute. Hence, 2 months before delivery, we started to pack our bags. With our little one busy punching me like a punching bag, I thought he was eager to pop out as quickly as possible. He was so wildly active inside the tummy, that if few minutes passed by without any movement, we would get worried and go to the hospital to get things checked.

TIP: We used the NHS site to get the list of items to pack and it proved to be really handy.

So now we were done preparing for the hospital, after delivery care and future. But, the most important preparation was yet to be done.

Yes, preparing for delivering my little one. I was scared to death. How am I going to deliver a 3 pound baby out of my tiny body. Will it be painful? Should I go for a normal delivery or a C-section. I spent hours and hours Googling and it would confuse me more than lessening my apprehension.

Hence, I resorted to watching videos of couples who had shared their experience of delivering a baby normally. Finally, I decided to go for a normal delivery.

But, despite our well laid plans, I ended up having multiple tears and stuck to bed for 2 months.

But, now when I look at my dear son, I ask myself; was it worth it? Well, hell YES!

I was a mother to a little boy for whom I hope I’ll always be the First Valentine.


Beetle Diapers ~ Bamboo Fitted Review


Recently Beetle Diapers sent us their one-size bamboo fitted diaper to try on our 19-month-old the Little Thing. Not surprisingly, my first impression of the fitted was how soft everything was, including the leg gussets. The bamboo fabric is a super fine, that has a lovely drape, feel and stretch to it.

After prepping with four washes, I found it was just as soft as before.

Beetle Diapers are based in India and their products are made in China. This bamboo fitted comes in beautiful colours and we were sent this one.


This bamboo Fitted diaper is also known as the waterproof bamboo fitted for it has a hidden layer of PUL.

It comes with a snap-on bamboo insert that you can just lay in your diaper. This makes it easy for you to add any  booster that you may want to use to enhance it’s absorbency. Like all the one-size diapers, it comes with an adjustable rise with 3 size settings (2 rows of snaps).

Soft and gentle ruffled leg and back elastic that goes against your baby’s skin.


Below is a close-up of how to snap the insert on to the cover. With the same features of an aio diaper I prefer calling it an all-in-one than a fitted. 🙂

IMG_1161 (1)

The Little Thing first wore the fitted for a 3-hour nap and it actually lasted well past the nap, so this is definitely a very absorbent diaper.

FullSizeRender (11)

The fitted has wide crotch area and is generously sized to fit chunky babies.

Next, I tested it over night and added one regular hemp doubler from my stash. Though it has a built-in PUL layer, I prefer using it with a cover, because I can’t take any chance when it comes to nighttime. This combo kept leaks at bay all night. And doesn’t look very bulky, which I think is a bonus.

However I plan to try it out without a cover in future (I will update the post after I do it, anyway). My favorite covers to use with fitted diapers? Definitely Thirsties and Flip.


So I’m super pleased with not only the absorbing power, but also the great fit of this diaper. It’s a good price for a fantastic fitted that could possibly be your solution for a heavy wetter at nap time or even overnight.

However there’s something I don’t like about it and it’s that, the yellow colours used to serge the diaper have bled in the first wash. Something I didn’t expect. And since the inside of the diaper has bamboo cotton, a natural fabric, it tends to stain very easy. Although sunning the diapers can help in getting rid of it.

Another thing that bothers me is that after a couple of washes,  the serged edges often roll up towards inside and I have to take a little extra care so it doesn’t make our girl uncomfortable.

I definitely like the way the diapers dries quickly. May be within 4-5 hours, which is considerably quick for a fitted, given that I dry only indoors.

The Bamboo fitted definitely solves the problems of bulk and leakage because it truly is an absorbent diaper without giving your baby a huge, padded bum.

Here are some pictures showing how this diaper fits on the Little Thing who is 20 months old. It’s soft but snug gussets and fabric hug her just right, and the diaper stays put no matter how active she gets.


I only wish it had cross over tabs, for babies with small waist. So if you have baby with a small waist them you may want to rethinking before buying this diaper.

However I like the overall fit and functionality of the diaper and we don’t have a skinny toddler to worry about the waist size. So all in all it’s a good diaper. And it has worked well for us so far.

** We were sent the diaper for the purpose of a fair and honest review. All the opinions and images are my own. Please note that every baby is different. And something that has worked for us, may not work for you and vice versa **







Our Overnight Cloth Diaper Solution

FullSizeRender (15)

Cloth diapering our girls overnight was something I was too hesitant to do, when I started thinking of cloth diapers. Both of them being super heavy wetters, too often I would find them in a pool of pee and a midnight diaper change was always a fail. They would just refuse to go back to sleep, which is why disposables were what we used for a couple of months until I finally found a solution that worked for us overnight.

So here it’s for you our nighttime cloth diapering solutions.

Solution #1

This is one of the favourite nighttime solutions for many cloth diapering moms. So the first thing I did was bought some BumGenius 4.0 pockets diapers from a local store, after reading a lot of moms swear by it. I use it with one of the two microfiber inserts it comes with, along with a hemp doubler which mostly is a HempBabies Hemp Doubler or Cloth Diaper Shop’s hemp insert.

So that’s basically double stuffing my pocket diaper to boost it’s absorbency. Four layers of microfiber insert plus 2 or 3 layers of hemp inserts have worked fine for us. You can also use a HempBabies Little Weeds (not available in India) and tri-fold it.


I also use our EcoTush Cloth Diapers Fleece liner to make the pocket stay dry. Of course BG 4.0 is a stay dry pocket diaper but if it’s on the bum for a prolonged period of 7-8 hours, the baby  may just feel damp or wet sometimes, and an extra fleece liner makes it sort of ‘more’ stay-dry.

Most babies don’t seem to be bothered by the dampness and some tend to develop redness which is why I don’t really like taking chances.

 Solution #2

This is my got-to solution for our heavy/side and tummy sleepers. A Fitted Diaper. Most of the time I use EcoTush Fitted Diapers that I make with a waterproof cover over it. And can very easily go for 9-10 hours or so with out a midnight diaper change.


And recently I have also used this bamboo fitted diaper I was sent for a review by the Beetle Diapers (coming soon). Since fitted diapers are generally not stay-dry, you can use a fleece liner on the inside to make it stay-dry.

FullSizeRender (13)

You can alternatively use a wool cover with a fitted diaper, if you are not a fan of PUL covers.

So yeah those are the two nighttime cloth diapering solutions that have worked for us. Let me know your cloth diaper solution for overnight in the comments.

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Grand Cloth Diaper #Giveaway


If have been following my blog for sometime now, you know that cloth diapers are probably one of the most dearest things in my life. And this month is going to be super awesome for all you cloth diapering mommas and dadas as well! And don’t worry if you are not cloth diapering already, now is the time to start building your stash! Yes! It’s time to ENTER our newest giveaway!

The Mommy Blog has come together with the Indian cloth diaper vendors to bring you this amazing opportunity.

Here’s the list of product you can win in this giveaway:

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Double gusset pocket diaper from Cloth Diaper Shop – India

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So this month we are excited to be giving away 5 diapers to 5 winners in our Grand Cloth Diaper Giveaway! What are you waiting for?? Just go and enter the giveaway. Let’s ditch those disposables TOGETHER lovelies!

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Good luck!

Tips to keep your cloth diapers white & bright

Are your cloth diapers looking dull and not-so-bright? Just not the way they looked when you bought them?? Then you surely must follow these super simple tips to keep them white and bright. Let me share with you what I do to keep ours beautifully bright and white.

Sun drying:

Sun is probably the best and the most natural way of bleaching cloth diapers. I always make it a point to line dry all of our cloth diapers in the sun. It removes stains pretty easily. Plus sunlight is ‘free’ of cost!

Oxy Bleach:

Oxygen bleaching is an artificial method of whitening your diapers. I use regular clorox bleach every four or five months and bleach all our inserts. I generally avoid bleaching our pocket diapers and covers to avoid ruining them. Bleached diapers may require a number of rinses before going on your baby’s bottom.


If you are not interested in spending on a store-bought bleach then reach for lemon. Simply apply little amount of lemon juice over the stains and hang them in the sun. Keep on repeating, if the stains don’t go away. I have used lemon a couple of times and I’m happy with the way it’s worked for us. Be sure to apply just a ‘little’ amount every time or you will be rinsing your diapers for eternity! 🙂

Be quick with your laundry:

I know it’s not easy, but it’s true that the more you make the diapers sit, the more worse the stains become. I try to do your laundry every other day and make sure I spray of the solids from the diapers, before I just dump them into the pail. So the quicker the better!

What do you do to keep your diapers bright and white?? Let us know in the comments down below 🙂

Happy Cloth Diapering Mommies!


Let’s Meet on Happy Parents Junction

I’m so happy to announce it to you that Bella Happy Baby India is hosting a Facebook event for all the mommies and daddies to help them get all of their parenting questions answered. Remember I did a review of the Bella Happy Disposable Diapers here on The Mommy Blog? If you haven’t read it yet then so can do it now! 🙂

And the best part of the event is that I was approached by the Bella Happy Baby team to be one of the Chief Blogger Advisers for this wonderful event! And I literally did a little happy-dance and instantly said “Yes”! What better can I wish for? Alhamdulillah!


So here I’m sharing the details of the events, so you can come over and get your questions answered!

It’s a 3-day Facebook event named “Let’s Meet on Happy Parents Junction” hosted between 2:30 to 3:30 PM from 11/9/2014 to 13/9/2014. You can tune in to Facebook and ask your questions on diet, cloth diapering, baby food, toddler tantrums, and anything baby!! We will be more than happy to serve you!!

So all lovelies be there tomorrow at 2:30 PM to enjoy together, this new adventure called ‘parenting’!

See you there!! Cheers X


Bella Baby Happy Disposable Diapers Review

In a couple of month the Big Thing will InshaAllah turn 3, which is certainly a milestone for me as a mother of two. And I proudly accept that I have been diapering our girls for years now. And gladly the Big Thing is out of her diapers, expect for the night-time. But the little one is still diapered 24 X 7, cloth or disposable, ‘diapers’ is the word of the millennium for us and that’s same for almost every mom out there.

I spend my days either doing cloth diaper laundry or fetching for ‘magic’ diapers so we can peacefully survive a whole night without a diaper change. And one fine day, I received a nice fluffy package (You know how obsessed I’m with packages, don’t you? And fortunately or unfortunately, that very evening I had to go out somewhere and couldn’t do the laundry and we ran out of our regular stash of disposables, so that’s when these lovely diapers came to my rescue, actually our rescue!

I was so thankful to God for sending them our way, on the very fortunate/unfortunate eve. You know how mad your husbands can get, if you ask them to get something for outside, just after getting home after a long and tiresome day!!?


Frankly speaking, until a couple of months back I never heard of Bella Baby Happy diapers, which is extremely saddening, given that these work wonderfully well.

Moving on, we were sent, diapers for both the girls in their own sizes. And when I first opened the courier package and saw the diaper packaging, I just loved it. The colours were lovely. But it was just too ‘fluffy’ and so I thought the diapers might also look way too bulky on the baby.  But luckily I was happy that I was wrong. I used them for night-time and loved it when both the girls got up dry and happy, unlike most of the nights with other disposables.

Bella Baby Happy diapers are modern disposable diapers with super soft inner layer that distributes wetness all over the surface of the diaper core. It’s wonderfully comfortable and extra absorbent. These are available from newborn to toddler sizes. Also the newborn’s diapers have been made with special care to protect the newborn’s umbilical cord from any sort of infection, which I think is extremely caring of the company. Because I personally had to face a lot of problem, in the initial days with both the girls’ umbilical cord touching the diaper.


And since the baby’s bottoms are covered most of the time, it’s very important to select a diaper that’s not harsh to you baby’s skin. And these are by-far the best ones I have ever used with our girls. The sizing is also amazing and has snug fit. The soft elastics does not harm your little one’s delicate skin.


And this is how it looked on the inside. Just look at those blue gussets around the legs, which can catch almost all the poop, without any leakage.


I also liked the wide flaps of the diaper, which again eases the comfort and fit of the diaper, on the baby.  Plus the velcro fasteners keeps the diaper in the right place without pressing the belly.


And did I forget to mention the adorable prints of the diapers? Oh yes! Every diapers comes with a different fun printed and colorful collection of animals which only makes the diapers a bit more appealling to the mommas like MEE WEE!!

All in all, I completely adore these diapers and will definitely recommend it to all the mommas out there. And if you are heading to a party or a road-trip or to see your family, then don’t forget to tuck a few of these diapers into your diaper bag because I assure you these won’t let you down in anyway!

You can buy these diapers from any online store in India. And don’t forget to give them a thumbs-up on Facebook so that you receive all the latest updates from them.

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** We were sent the Bella Baby Happy Diapers in exchange of a fair and honest review. All the images and opinions are my own.

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