Basic First Aid Tips for Babies and Toddlers

medAs a parent, it’s really imperative to learn basic First Aid. We all know how much it hurts (the parents…emotionally mostly) if our babies take a fall. If your little bub has started achieving developmental milestones like crawling, rolling, pulling themselves up, reaching out etc, then this post is very important for you. Also a good read for those parents whose children are generally known as ‘calamity Janes’ in the playground 😀

The key in most injuries is: DO NOT PANIC. Guess the number of times this rule is broken each time calamity Jane struck our house? Answer: Every. Bleddy. Time. Daddy Dear hits panic button anytime our baby starts bawling after getting hurt. His pulse racing, face and palms sweating, eyes glazed and staring into oblivion (daddy’s, not the baby).

I agree it gives us all a heartattack, but we have to start by assessing how bad the injury is. In most falls and the accompanying screaming, the baby cries mostly because he is startled and shocked. As a parent or a witness to the incident, your instinct will guide you into understanding the severity of the situation. Comforting the baby and a quick physical evaluation of the child will help you in deciphering if a trip to the Hospital, or a call to the Doctor is required.

Incase of any severe fall or head injury, it’s crucial to closely monitor the baby for the next 24 hours. A hospital visit is REQUIRED if ANY (one or more) of the following are observed:

  • Unconscious or fainted after injury
  • Drowsiness or alteration in consciousness
  • Severe and persistent headache (baby will try and shake head whilst also crying)
  • Vomiting (different from a regular baby spitup)
  • Dizziness / double or blurred vision (baby will show peculiar eye movement)
  • One pupil (black part of the eye) visibly larger than the other
  • Neck stiffness
  • Convulsions or fits
  • Strange behavior (baby is less active/alert)
  • Very slow and rapid pulse
  • Any unusual breathing pattern

What to do in case of nose/ear/wound bleed following an injury?

Swelling / Bleeding from Nose or Ears

Apply an ice pack immediately. Area for application needs to be the nose & cheeks or bridge of nose. You can use the frozen vegetable packets from your freezer, but ensure that anything which you apply, needs to be covered in a cloth or towel and NOT touching the skin directly.

  • DO NOT block the nose or ears, let it drain.
  • DO NOT press down on the wound if you suspect a skull fracture.
  • Arrange to go to the hospital for further treatment.

Bleeding from the wound

It’s important to stop the bleeding. You can do so by applying direct pressure.

  • However DO NOT press down on the wound if you suspect a skull fracture.
  • Arrange to go to the hospital for further treatment.

In most of the open wounds, it is advisable not to attempt at cleaning the wound as it may trigger further bleeding. Keep it covered with a sterile bandage. If one gets soaked, apply another one on top and so forth.

If you do suspect a skull fracture, or an injury to the spine or neck after a fall, try to keep your baby calm and still. By moving them you may end up causing more harm. Call your local emergency number immediately for medical support at the scene of the fall.

According to Redcross “once you have treated the swelling by applying something cold to the baby or child’s head injury, and if they are not displaying signs of a serious head injury, you could let them sleep. Ensure you check on them regularly.” You can imagine how shaken the baby must also be.

It does not mean each bump and fall requires a trip to panic room. As a parent, you will ‘know’ which injuries require immediate medical assistance. So follow your instinct. No one knows your baby more than you. When in doubt, DO call the doctor. Following any head injury remember… ‘Evaluate with your head and not your heart’

End of the day, the best way to help your baby is to make their environment safer. Towards lesser injuries and more milestones 🙂

And let us know if you have any tips. We would know to have them included in the post. Take care. Stay safe 🙂


Preparing for the Baby ~ Quick Tips

Ouch! A thud on my abdomen woke me from my deep sleep in the middle of the night. With my half open eyes, I glanced towards the table clock and it read 3:00. I noticed a cute little baby on my lap with his tiny palm clasping my night dress.


Gosh! One kick took me back 6 months reminding me of his kicks and punches inside the tummy while I was pregnant. Oh my god! I was a mother and just few months back, I was carrying my little one not knowing how he would look, how he would crave for me, how he would giggle.

After the First five months of giddiness and puking, here I was busy shopping for my soon-to-be-born baby. Trust me, I was enjoying every second of it. But, because I didn’t know the gender of the baby, everything I was buying was of neutral shade or unisex be it rompers or a bedding set.

TIP: If you don’t know whether you are having a boy or a girl, the safest colours are white, and any colour other than blue, pink or black. But, trust me and am sure you all would agree with me, babies look cute nevertheless.

Wondering if it is a Baby Boy or girl?

With the new arrival on the way, I got the freedom to go on a shopping spree. At one instance, my hubby thought I would buy the entire Liverpool city center for I would return home after spending 6-8 hours roaming around. But my hubby did appreciate my smart buying. I would visit city centre searching for sale in good stores. This way we got some really good dresses of good quality at a bargain.

TIP: Plan in advance and look for bargains on dresses and especially nappies. Babies use nappies at the speed of light. They drink, poo, drink, wee, drink poo and the cycle goes on. Hence, stocking nappies is never a bad idea.

Also, buy very few dresses for the age group of 0-3 months because babies grow like hulk. Blink of an eye and the first few dresses would fail to fit. Try to go for 3-9 months, if you ask me.

Next on the list was getting the hospital bag ready. Finally my hubby started understanding the fact that you cannot do things at the last minute. Hence, 2 months before delivery, we started to pack our bags. With our little one busy punching me like a punching bag, I thought he was eager to pop out as quickly as possible. He was so wildly active inside the tummy, that if few minutes passed by without any movement, we would get worried and go to the hospital to get things checked.

TIP: We used the NHS site to get the list of items to pack and it proved to be really handy.

So now we were done preparing for the hospital, after delivery care and future. But, the most important preparation was yet to be done.

Yes, preparing for delivering my little one. I was scared to death. How am I going to deliver a 3 pound baby out of my tiny body. Will it be painful? Should I go for a normal delivery or a C-section. I spent hours and hours Googling and it would confuse me more than lessening my apprehension.

Hence, I resorted to watching videos of couples who had shared their experience of delivering a baby normally. Finally, I decided to go for a normal delivery.

But, despite our well laid plans, I ended up having multiple tears and stuck to bed for 2 months.

But, now when I look at my dear son, I ask myself; was it worth it? Well, hell YES!

I was a mother to a little boy for whom I hope I’ll always be the First Valentine.

Guest Post: “Tomorrow a Daddy’s Girl”

This is the first in the series of the posts by the guests, hosted here on my blog, Hfareen’s Space. And today I’m glad to be welcoming Lina, our very first guest, of The Adventures Of Mom-Mom to share her feelings on mothering a daughter and having fears of the “Daddy’s Girl” persona.


Walking is no easy feat, and moments after she begins to toddle, she attempts to run and slips on a stray book she’d left there. She cries harder when he is the one who finds her. Still, he attempts to comfort her. He does everything right, but she continues to cry, writhing in his arms to get away.

Goo reaches for me as if this man who’s holding her is a stranger, as if he’s done it all wrong and she needs me to make it better. My husband gives me the look, the one that lets me know he’s broken on the inside. He wants to know why she doesn’t love him. But she does. She just loves him in a different way.

Still, he chuckles as he hands her to me and her cries are silenced immediately. She wipes her nose on my shoulder, grabs my hand. Chris says to me:

“You know you love it.”

I look at him and give him the answer he might want to hear:

“It’s so exhausting, being the only one she’ll take.”

It’s not a lie. It can be frustrating when all I really want to do is take a shower, or eat something, or pee, and Goo’s cries ring throughout the house because Daddy’s not good enough. I feel bad for Chris. I want her to accept him. I want her to be able to relax, fall asleep with him, accept yogurt from his spoon. But at the same time…I am okay with being her superhero.

Because he’s right. I am so loving this.

Today Goo sees me as the one who comforts her, the one with the Goldfish crackers, the one who is warmest and smells just right. I love being able to engulf her in my arms, feel her head plop onto my shoulder as her tiny fingers stroke my wedding ring. Today I am her favorite. It sounds selfish, but I know it’s not, because one day she will not see me in this way. One day she is going to understand who Daddy is.

And then I will become a shadow.


Chris is a great dad. Not only does he give Goo the on-the-floor play time complete with kisses and “monster.” He also reads to her in high-pitched voices, straps on a dangerously feminine Boba carrier and wears her out in public, demands to push the stroller, and ignores when something has smeared glitter all over his Batman shirt (this is a giant feat, considering he is well-known in our family to be a sparkle-phobe).

So I know that it’s only going to be a matter of time before Goo discovers this world of Daddy, and my world becomes old news.

It’s a widely known fact that most girls become besties with their Daddy. This isn’t a new study, or something I read in Parenting magazine last week. The pictures of little feeties on polished black shoes as father-daughter practice for the many-years-from-then father-daughter dance at her wedding go way back, decades, a century.

One day Goo is going to wake up in her toddler bed, climb out, and crawl next to Daddy. Her little elbows are going to jab me in the side as she slowly edges me off the mattress, stealing the covers. When they wake, he will make her laugh. She will demand to be carried, hugged, snuggled, but only by him. He is her protector. He is her superhero. Daddy is strong. Daddy will make the monsters go away.

It will be both beautiful and lonely, bittersweet to say the least.

Then, my daughter will grow even older. She will show Daddy how tall she is compared to him, have him help her do math homework, build science projects with paper-mâché. He’ll make her chocolate milk–because he makes it better than Mom-Mom–and then they’ll snuggle in front of a movie, hogging the couch, projecting me to the cold floor in front of them.

And when my daughter is a teen, she will argue with the both of us, but Daddy is the one who will give in. He will give her the keys, she will kiss him on the cheek.

“Thanks Daddy. You’re the best.”

And I know I will have a role with my daughter. I will be able to watch her as she shops–because I will know nothing of her type of fashion–I will be able to help her with English, show her the best books to read, talk to her about boys. But who will she want to hold her, to pick up the pieces when a bully pokes fun at her new shoes, when she gets an F on her spelling test, when a boy dumps her for the first time?


When Goo was a wee babe, I was downright terrified that my snuggling moments were limited. Today, those worries melt a little when I watch the two loves of my life read stories and play on the floor together. There’s nothing sweeter than a daddy enjoying a tea party with his little girl.

Still, I can’t get enough of her mom-mom snuggles and especially-for-me kisses. She needs me today. She may not need me tomorrow.

But I will need her forever.


Lina is a stay-at-home momma to her greatest muse and a wife to her biggest fan. She enjoys cooking, taking pictures, and pretending she can sew. Come visit her at The Adventures of Mom-Mom!