Basic First Aid Tips for Babies and Toddlers

medAs a parent, it’s really imperative to learn basic First Aid. We all know how much it hurts (the parents…emotionally mostly) if our babies take a fall. If your little bub has started achieving developmental milestones like crawling, rolling, pulling themselves up, reaching out etc, then this post is very important for you. Also a good read for those parents whose children are generally known as ‘calamity Janes’ in the playground 😀

The key in most injuries is: DO NOT PANIC. Guess the number of times this rule is broken each time calamity Jane struck our house? Answer: Every. Bleddy. Time. Daddy Dear hits panic button anytime our baby starts bawling after getting hurt. His pulse racing, face and palms sweating, eyes glazed and staring into oblivion (daddy’s, not the baby).

I agree it gives us all a heartattack, but we have to start by assessing how bad the injury is. In most falls and the accompanying screaming, the baby cries mostly because he is startled and shocked. As a parent or a witness to the incident, your instinct will guide you into understanding the severity of the situation. Comforting the baby and a quick physical evaluation of the child will help you in deciphering if a trip to the Hospital, or a call to the Doctor is required.

Incase of any severe fall or head injury, it’s crucial to closely monitor the baby for the next 24 hours. A hospital visit is REQUIRED if ANY (one or more) of the following are observed:

  • Unconscious or fainted after injury
  • Drowsiness or alteration in consciousness
  • Severe and persistent headache (baby will try and shake head whilst also crying)
  • Vomiting (different from a regular baby spitup)
  • Dizziness / double or blurred vision (baby will show peculiar eye movement)
  • One pupil (black part of the eye) visibly larger than the other
  • Neck stiffness
  • Convulsions or fits
  • Strange behavior (baby is less active/alert)
  • Very slow and rapid pulse
  • Any unusual breathing pattern

What to do in case of nose/ear/wound bleed following an injury?

Swelling / Bleeding from Nose or Ears

Apply an ice pack immediately. Area for application needs to be the nose & cheeks or bridge of nose. You can use the frozen vegetable packets from your freezer, but ensure that anything which you apply, needs to be covered in a cloth or towel and NOT touching the skin directly.

  • DO NOT block the nose or ears, let it drain.
  • DO NOT press down on the wound if you suspect a skull fracture.
  • Arrange to go to the hospital for further treatment.

Bleeding from the wound

It’s important to stop the bleeding. You can do so by applying direct pressure.

  • However DO NOT press down on the wound if you suspect a skull fracture.
  • Arrange to go to the hospital for further treatment.

In most of the open wounds, it is advisable not to attempt at cleaning the wound as it may trigger further bleeding. Keep it covered with a sterile bandage. If one gets soaked, apply another one on top and so forth.

If you do suspect a skull fracture, or an injury to the spine or neck after a fall, try to keep your baby calm and still. By moving them you may end up causing more harm. Call your local emergency number immediately for medical support at the scene of the fall.

According to Redcross “once you have treated the swelling by applying something cold to the baby or child’s head injury, and if they are not displaying signs of a serious head injury, you could let them sleep. Ensure you check on them regularly.” You can imagine how shaken the baby must also be.

It does not mean each bump and fall requires a trip to panic room. As a parent, you will ‘know’ which injuries require immediate medical assistance. So follow your instinct. No one knows your baby more than you. When in doubt, DO call the doctor. Following any head injury remember… ‘Evaluate with your head and not your heart’

End of the day, the best way to help your baby is to make their environment safer. Towards lesser injuries and more milestones 🙂

And let us know if you have any tips. We would know to have them included in the post. Take care. Stay safe 🙂


Montessori Inspired Activities For Toddlers #2 | Easy Homemade Play Dough Recipe {No Cream of Tartar}


If you have been following my blog for sometime, then you might have already read about the no-cook Play Dough recipe I posted a few months ago.  That recipe is still my go-to recipe for homemade play dough for my little girls.

But last night, kids slept a tad bit early, so I had some ‘extra’ time to experiment. And since we ran out of our play dough that I made earlier, I decide to try this recipe that doesn’t require cream of tartar.

And to those of you who don’t know what cream of tartar is, its actually a powder that gives the dough a bit more stability and volume. But I just decide to skip it, because like always I wanted to make something with the ingredients that I already had in our cabinet. And I loved the way it turned.

So here’s what you will need to make your own homemade play dough without cream of tartar:

The Mommy Blog India

  1. 1 cup All purpose Flour
  2. 1 tablespoon Vegetable Oil (or any other oil)
  3. 1/4 cup Salt
  4. 3 teaspoons White Vinegar
  5. 1 cup Water
  6. Food Colouring


the mommy blog

Put all the ingredients in a saucepan.

the mommy blog

Mix everything together and stir constantly over a low-medium flame. Until it clumps up together like this.

Turn off the flame. And knead it for a few minutes so that everything is mixed together nicely.


They enjoyed it thoroughly. I loved watching them play.

And if you want to make play dough in different colours. Just rinse the saucepan and repeat the procedure. Store in air-tight container and it should last for a very long time.

UPDATE: I wrote this last week but published it only today. So this batch of play dough is still great going.

One night, I left a small portion of it, open to air to see how quickly it hardens up. And I’m glad it didn’t dry up a lot. I added a few drops of water in the morning and with little kneading. It was fit for play again 🙂

Let me know if you have tried any other recipe for making play dough and like it. I would love to try it too.

And if you’ve  missed our yesterday’s activity, you can go take a look at it. So that’s it for today. 🙂

Happy Homeschooling!

The Story Of The Elephant | Children’s Book Review


A couple of months back I received an email from a very humble lady at Shade 7 publishing, asking if I would be interested in reviewing their children’s book here on my blog.

The moment I went through the mail I knew I wanted to do this. For two reasons, Reason #1, Both of our girls absolutely love being around with books. I say being around because they are too young to read everything on there own. They enjoy flipping the pages over and over again, staring at colourful pictures and may be reading a word or two.

Reason  #2, Husband and I have been searching for good and simple Islamic books for our children for a long time now. We did buy a few books in India and carried them all the way to Doha, when we moved here. And this book seemed like a perfect addition for our stash.


About Shade 7: 

Shade 7 is a global, multilingual publisher of premium Quranic pop up books and 3D digital interactive apps that help children learn about all religions but primarily Islam in a fun and engrossing way.

The company has partnered with READ, a charitable foundation, with a pledge to donate 25 books for every 1,000 copies sold, in order to make them accessible to children in all circumstances; we believe that education should not be a privilege, it is a necessity.

Currently, Shade 7 have an ambitious publishing schedule of 30 titles including 3D digital app versions of each of our publications coming soon.


About The Story of the Elephant: 

The Story of the Elephant, is the first Quranic pop-up book by Shade 7 publications, which tells the much loved story of Surah Al-Feel from chapter 105 of the Holy Quran.


So this book narrates the incident as described in one of the most beautiful verses in the Holy Quran. It’s basically a story that talks about Allah, the Almighty’s immense strength.


It’s undeniable that the pictures that keep popping up from the book make everything so real and simple for little children to understand. We as parents, try to read the story to our girls, one part at a time but may be since they aren’t big enough at the moment, they don’t understand a lot of it but they still enjoy the lively illustrations.

The Big Thing, has memorized the names of the people and places in it. And the Little Thing, who will be 2 next month, very quickly recognizes Kaaba (This is my favourite part).


Apart from many other beautiful illustrations like the huge green bird, hands joined together in dua, the page with a huge elephant in chains is everyone’s favourite. The best part is that children get to pull the long card attached to the elephant and it moves up and down and children thus understand that the elephant is chained and can’t moved beyond that point.


At the end of the book, there is a little quiz for children, followed by all the answers. We haven’t taken up the quiz yet because I thought it’s too early for their age. Plus they haven’t memorized the whole story, to be able to take it up on their own.


Last but definitely not the least this lovely pop-up book comes with a huge envelope attached at the back with an antique letter seal. This envelope contains some cards of elephants and a huge print out of map of the place where this story is based. I have saved this, for both the girls to grow up a little so they can both sit down together and do some fun activity.

What I like about the book, The Story of the Elephant:

  1. The huge size of the book, that catches your child’s attention instantly.
  2. Beautiful and lively illustrations that improves child’s imagination and creatively.
  3. Activities that come along with the book, especially the elephants on the card which are extremely travel-friendly. (You can remove them and pop into your diaper bag, throw in a few crayons and you are sorted for your next flight).

What I don’t like about the book, The Story of the Elephant: 

I’m so glad that there isn’t a single thing that I don’t like about the book. (This doesn’t happen too often with me! Anyway :))

Do I recommend this book to other children? 

Yes, I strongly recommend this book to all the parents who are keen on instilling Islamic foundations in their young children in a very fun yet interesting way. I’m sure your child will enjoy it as much as my children are.

Also I have to admit that I received this book approximately two months ago and my children still haven’t had enough of it. Every time I bring it out, I see their little faces light up with joy. That excitement to learn something new everyday is remarkable.

And this book is definitely going to stay with us for years to come. And I really hope Shade 7 comes with loads of other such fun, interesting and educational books for young minds.

My Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

** We were sent the book in exchange of a fair and honest review. I was not paid to write this post. All the opinions and images are my own.


Cloth Diaper Review ~ Thirsties Duo Wrap Diaper Cover

The Mommy Blog Cloth Diapers

Until few months ago, I never thought I would manage to get myself a Thirsties diaper cover. Given that they weren’t available in India plus I was never interested in trying any, other than Flip covers, since they were working great for us. And though a cloth diaper addict, I definitely knew that I did not need any more additions to my stash.

However, I did recently went on and purchased a Thirsties Duo Wrap diaper cover from a new local online vendor, Totscart, who stocks international brands. Because I wanted to test it out on my daughters. And I have to say that though I still love our beloved Flip covers, I am fairly impressed with this newest addition to my cloth diaper collection.

Thirsties Duo Wrap diaper covers are a one-size cover available in two sizes. Size 1 fits younger babies between 2.8 to 8 kilos approximately (6 and 18 pounds). And Size 2 fits older babies between 8 to 18 kilos (18 and 40 pounds). Since my daughters weigh over 11 kilos, I chose the Size 2.

Although I am generally not crazy about needing to buy two sizes of diapers, I do like that Thirsties Duo Wraps would fit a baby starting from an average newborn to a fairly large toddler.

Talking about the design, the Thirsties Duo Wrap features two rows of three torso snaps. Thus, the cover converts into small, medium, and large sizes.

Thirsties Duo Wraps feature a single row of two snaps. But it lacks crossover hip snaps. However, since my daughters are already so big, I have no need for crossover hip snaps at the moment.

The Mommy Blog CLoth Diapers

Thirsties Duo Wraps can also be used over prefolds and other fitted diapers. During the day, it’s prefolds for us. The Little Thing fits into the large size with a tri-folded Osocozy prefold, without leaving any marks on her. I haven’t tried it for night-time yet. So I won’t be talking about it at the moment.

Thirsties review india

Thirsties Duo Wrap cloth diaper covers are a great bargain for the price. I love the double leg gussets and I think that I can use this diaper cover on my daughter at night with a fairly thick fitted diaper. The leg gussets contain poop very beautifully.

However I am not entirely thrilled about the dual sizing, but I do understand the appeal of parents with tiny newborns and larger toddlers. And the waist elastic does an excellent job of holding inserts or prefolds in place once the diaper is on the baby.


I have heard very good reviews of the thristies hemp prefolds.  They were amazing, they say!  I will be adding a bunch of those to our stash in the near future. These covers come in both hook n loop (velcro) and snap closures. We prefer the snaps now that our girls are older or they will like try and take the diaper off! Who said kids are a breeze to handle??

Thirsties Duo Wrap is my favorite diaper to direct new cloth diapering parents, too. Whether you use prefolds with diaper fasteners (a must for containing newborn poo) or just tri-fold them and lay them in, you can get multiple wears out of each cover before it needs washing.  This makes for a very cost effective stash.

So if you are new to cloth or just looking for something that is simple and works on a smaller budget, this is definitely the way to go.

If you have any questions about cloth diapering India, feel free to comment below. I would love to help you out. And if you like this post, do give me a thumbs up on Facebook. 🙂

The review is based on my experience and is not a proven one. I was not paid to write this review, the product was bought by me for my personal use. All opinions and images are my own.




Mommy & Toddlers Favourites | May 2015


Shopping has always been a major part of our weekend outings. And with two young girls, it only gets more interesting and fun. And I’m here to share with you, our Mommy and Toddlers Favourites for this month. So let’s get started.

Thomas Like Train 😉


^^Our girls have always adored pretty much everything with wheels. And this toy train is their current favourite. They love watching Thomas and Friends and are obsessed with Thomas. After a lot of search, as husband couldn’t find Thomas Train anywhere, he got them this colourful train instead.

They love it, also for the driver that transforms in a ‘screw-driver’ that can fix the wheels. This is one of the most used/loved toys of the month.

The Story Of The Elephant Children’s Pop-up Book:

The Mommy Blog

^^  This huge beautiful book is a Quranic pop-up book for children by Shade 7 publications Limited. I got this for the purpose of review (coming soon). We absolutely love reading this book together.

Feeding Bottles:

The Mommy Blog

^^ These are the bottles that we bought for the girls. Yes they still have their milk in these bottles, once every day. That’s okay with me. As long as it’s just plain milk (okay don’t judge me for this). 🙂

A Lip Balm: 

The Mommy Blog

^^This is my new favourite. I haven’t really used Labello before. I don’t think I can came across this back in India. Anyhow I just love the sweet fruity smell and beautiful shine it has.  This is the latest addition to my diaper bag.

Those are all, for this month. Have you have used any of these products? Would you want me to do a detailed review of any of these? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to do it for you. 😀



7 Useful Tips For Flying With An Infant Or Toddler

The Mommy Blog Flying Tipd

Have you been putting off a much needed vacation because you always dreaded the thought of actually going on one with a baby? Or developed a recent fear of flying, ever since your baby came along? Ever wondered what facilities will be provided for you and how much are the crew really equipped to handle babies on board?

Having been a crew for a good 8 years, and now traveling as a mum of a 2 month old myself, I have come up with a few tips* I think will come in handy for any traveling parent. *Please note the list is indicative and not completely exhaustive 😉

 Check-in most of the luggage: 

If you have lots of luggage, kindly check-in maximum of it! Carry-on luggage should just be things that baby and you may need in-flight.

Carry your diaper bag with your usual stock, but with an extra set of clothes for baby AND you (I have faced serious spit ups!!). Something warm like a stole or shawl for you and baby in case will come in handy if the aircraft gets cold. You both can snuggle in one. Also keep a sanitizer handy, just in case you need it. Most airlines do carry basic amenities for babies. But they are limited, provided only on demand, and given on a ‘first come first serve’ basis.

 Taking strollers on the plane:

Strollers are not counted as part of your luggage. It will be taken from you before you get on the aircraft and returned again at the door when you disembark, or at the conveyor belt, depending on airline/airport policy. This rule however does not apply to First or Business Class travelers. Both those cabins usually have separate closet space, apart from the overhead lockers. So if someone is taking Business Class, the crew may be able to accomodate the stroller in the closet.

 Know the rules of the airline:

Rules keep changing. From aircraft to aircraft, airline to airline, country to country. I was super shocked when I was asked IF I would like an infant seat belt to strap my baby in for take-off and landing! Another airline did not even offer. This, after I have had years of training on how every infant needs to be secured in one! And please have patience to hear the crew, no matter how many times you have heard the rules before.

★  Get Medical Assistance, if required: 

Your crew is equipped to handle any medical emergency, babies included. All crew are certified First Aiders and are trained each year to ensure their knowledge is up to date. Do not hesitate in going up to any one of them and asking for any help.

Most airlines carry basic medication for infants and children. But it is always advisable to carry your own in your hand bag. In case of any serious requirement, crew have the facility to contact doctors on ground and take assistance.

For immediate help, crew will page for doctors on board. However, since your crew is already trained and have a vast experience in dealing with all kinds of medical situations, they will hand over the proceedings to a doctor only after their protocol is over. Remember, everyone on board is working to assist you and baby. Please try not to panic, it helps no one.

 Don’t hesitate to take a walk down the aisle:

Everyone on board understands if your baby is getting restless and you need to walk up and down the aisle or stand in the galley to soothe her. Don’t even bother about people who may give you ‘the look’. Also never ask the crew to hold the baby for you.

As much as they would like to help, and however good their intentions to help might be, holding your baby or taking her to the galley for cuddles could get them into trouble. For many airlines, it is against their safety standards.

 Feed your baby while landing and taking-off:

Do feed your baby, especially during descent. It’s very important!! Babies often tend to cry their lungs out since they don’t know the trick of ‘suck / swallow to open ears’. My baby slept through the first flight and then there was total chaos during the second. This, when I was continuously trying to feed him. He just wouldn’t swallow. Finally took his feed and then slept off just before touchdown.

And remember never insert anything in their ears like cotton balls. You may end up causing more damage and agony than actually helping.

 Ask for help any at given point: 

Lastly, don’t hesitate to ask for help at any point. It is your prerogative to get special treatment. This includes boarding first, getting your choice of seat, and jumping queues by going via ‘special handling’ counters.

Ground staff and Cabin Crew should and will help you if you are travelling alone with children. If they don’t, ask for it. It’ll be comforting for you to know that before the start of each flight, crew discuss the number of babies on board/children on that particular sector.

Assisting unaccompanied mothers, giving them extra bottle of water, a plastic bag to store rubbish, helping them store their luggage for take-off / landing etc. is a ‘nicety’ that all crew are asked to indulge in. Briefing parents on safety related issues is mandatory so expect to be briefed on each flight.

These are the tips that I thought will come handy to you. Hope you have a safe flight! 🙂

Babywearing in India — Getting Started

What’s the first thing you hear when you give birth? Your baby’s first cry…. Aah, the sweetest sound that you’ll ever hear!

What’s the only thing you hear over the next few days, weeks… baby’s ‘constant’ crying, uh-huh, correction, the sweetest sound is now a ‘wailing’! No, it is not because your baby is clingy, and it most definitely is not because ‘your milk is not enough’!!

Your baby rightfully is crying for you, for you to hold him, comfort him, keep him safe like you have all these past 9 months. While it’s an aww moment the first few times, it really does tend to break your arms after some time. It did for the first 2.5 months for me.

And then I discovered Baby-wearing (no it is not a fashion term!). I was trolling Facebook when I followed a friend into a Baby-wearing page and thought of giving it a shot. We haven’t looked back since and LO is now 15 months old.

What is Baby-wearing? 

According to Wikipedia, it is the practice of wearing or carrying your baby in a sling or in another form of carrier. In short, it is keeping your baby close helping him transition to a life outside the womb.

Why should I wear my baby?

Contrary to popular belief that the womb was the quiet environment that a baby has been used to, a womb is probably the noisiest place, what with the constant motion in the amniotic fluid, moms beating heart, stomach churning, etc., which is why when baby-wearing, the baby quietens soon as you start walking. The motion helps calm him.

Research shows that keeping your baby close is crucial to his health and development. Such infants produce more immunoglobin protecting them against respiratory infections. The constant touch also improves intellectual and motor development immediately. The benefits are many! The image below drives home the essence of keeping your baby close.


How should I wear my baby?

There are various ways to wear your baby. While Google can easily assist in finding brands, it is not essential to spend a bomb on a carrier. A sari or even a dupatta can double up as a carrier.

There are a few safety rules that one has to be absolutely thorough about, irrespective of the carrier that you choose.



Image Courtesy: schoolofbabywearing

Carrier Categories:

Ergonomic carriers are the way to go. Sounds scientific? Well, it is. A carrier is designed not just to carry your baby, it does also help in baby’s development- physical included. The way your baby’s hip is positioned in the carrier will help or harm the hip development. Perfecting the M position is as important a part of baby-wearing as is TICKS.


Okay, now that the research is out of the way, we can greedily discuss the various types of carriers and what they do and how:


When should I baby-wear?

What started off as a necessity for me almost a year back, is now something I am passionate about. Especially since I’ve seen up close how it transformed my clingy, cranky, always ‘hungry’ infant into a confident, independent, creative, intelligent and social toddler.

I highly recommend wearing your baby soon as you hear, read or see about it. And do not be surprised if you bump into me giving someone a download of it in a mall… I really do feel strongly about it. Whether am in the kitchen, traveling (plane, train, anything), even window shopping and the most when the baby has been under the weather, baby-wearing has come to the rescue time and again.

Until what age can I wear my baby?

It does not stop when the baby starts walking. Most carriers allow for a 15-18 kg weight limit and will also allow you to carry a child of up-to 4 years of age.


Why do I recommend baby-wearing?

Baby-wearing has opened up a whole new world for me. Keeps my baby close AND keeps me hands free. It has helped us in soooo many ways including traveling without any hassles.

I do hope you are able to enjoy and explore baby-wearing as much as we have been. The pic below is of the first time ever that I wore my baby. You can see how peaceful we both look.



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