How do I prep my cloth diapers before using them for the first time?

You need to throw all the inserts into your washer and run them through 3-4 wash cycles preferably rinse, rinse, wash with a very little amount of detergent and rinse again.

Which cloth diaper to use for night time?

I use Flip diaper cover with one insert, one doubler stuffed within an insert sock.

Should I prefer cloth diapering my kid while we are traveling?

Cloth diapering is always the best you can give your child but when you are traveling it’s better you prefer disposables cos you would not want to end up doing that extra load of laundry on your vacation.

Which is the nappy cream you use when your girls have the ‘worst’ diaper rash?

For extreme rash, I use Dr. Reddy’s EziNapi Cream

I’m not really an expert, but people do question me about a million things at times, they text me, mail me or call me up. So here’s where I plan to put up the answers for your questions.

So if you have a question or want to talk about anything. You know what to do. Just shoot me a mail at hfareen(at)gmail(dot)com


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