Cloth Diaper Favourites TAG 2014

chlLast year I started following a lot of new cloth diapering vlogs on YouTube, and I have been meaning to post this ever since. But I think I just missed publishing it.

Anyhow it’s never too late. And so here it is for you my Cloth Diaper Favourites Tag for the year 2014.

 Favourite style (aio, pocket, ai2, fitted, prefold, hybrid etc):

Definitely pockets, for the easy of use. I get to chose any type/number of inserts to boost the absorbency. It may not be everybody’s favourite but then stuffing and unstuffing pocket diapers is still my favourite part of our laundry routine 😉

 Favourite brands:

At this moment, I love BumGenius and Alva Baby.

 Favourite colours:

Blue and grey

 Favourite prints:

Definitely Chevrons! I have a Rainbow Chevron from Alva and absolutely adore it.

 Favourite closure (snaps, aplix, pins, snappis):

I have always loved snaps, never bothered to try anything else. So snaps are my favourite until I try anything else.

 Favourite type (one-size or sized):

One-size, because the same diaper can be used with more than one child. And I already have two in cloth. 

 Favourite diaper in your stash:

Bumgenius 4.0 

 Favourite laundry detergent:

I haven’t used many cloth diaper safe detergents but then Krya (Indian brand) is my current favourite.

  Favourite diaper cream:

Not a single cloth diaper  safe cream is available in India (not any that I’ve come across), so I will have to skip this question. 🙂 

 Favourite cloth wipes:

Homemade pure cotton/jersey wipes that are super soft on the baby’s bum and easy to wash.

 Favourite fabric (for cloth diapers):

Definitely flannel.

 Favourite fabric (for cloth wipes):

Cotton is my top favourite.

 Favourite wipe solution:

A solution I made at home with water, baby body wash and baby oil.

 Favourite storage items (pail, pail liner, wet bags):

Pail. I have a huge regular one!

 Favourite place to purchase:

I have been purchasing cloth diapers from a lot of places lately, but in India, I would most certainly rate Amazon for their seasonal deals and prompt delivery.

 Favourite thing about cloth diapers:

My most favourite thing about cloth diapers is the fact that they can be used with more than just one child! And if you are planning to have more babies in future, you can just save these up and cloth diaper your next , right from the hospital.



Preparing for the Baby ~ Quick Tips

Ouch! A thud on my abdomen woke me from my deep sleep in the middle of the night. With my half open eyes, I glanced towards the table clock and it read 3:00. I noticed a cute little baby on my lap with his tiny palm clasping my night dress.


Gosh! One kick took me back 6 months reminding me of his kicks and punches inside the tummy while I was pregnant. Oh my god! I was a mother and just few months back, I was carrying my little one not knowing how he would look, how he would crave for me, how he would giggle.

After the First five months of giddiness and puking, here I was busy shopping for my soon-to-be-born baby. Trust me, I was enjoying every second of it. But, because I didn’t know the gender of the baby, everything I was buying was of neutral shade or unisex be it rompers or a bedding set.

TIP: If you don’t know whether you are having a boy or a girl, the safest colours are white, and any colour other than blue, pink or black. But, trust me and am sure you all would agree with me, babies look cute nevertheless.

Wondering if it is a Baby Boy or girl?

With the new arrival on the way, I got the freedom to go on a shopping spree. At one instance, my hubby thought I would buy the entire Liverpool city center for I would return home after spending 6-8 hours roaming around. But my hubby did appreciate my smart buying. I would visit city centre searching for sale in good stores. This way we got some really good dresses of good quality at a bargain.

TIP: Plan in advance and look for bargains on dresses and especially nappies. Babies use nappies at the speed of light. They drink, poo, drink, wee, drink poo and the cycle goes on. Hence, stocking nappies is never a bad idea.

Also, buy very few dresses for the age group of 0-3 months because babies grow like hulk. Blink of an eye and the first few dresses would fail to fit. Try to go for 3-9 months, if you ask me.

Next on the list was getting the hospital bag ready. Finally my hubby started understanding the fact that you cannot do things at the last minute. Hence, 2 months before delivery, we started to pack our bags. With our little one busy punching me like a punching bag, I thought he was eager to pop out as quickly as possible. He was so wildly active inside the tummy, that if few minutes passed by without any movement, we would get worried and go to the hospital to get things checked.

TIP: We used the NHS site to get the list of items to pack and it proved to be really handy.

So now we were done preparing for the hospital, after delivery care and future. But, the most important preparation was yet to be done.

Yes, preparing for delivering my little one. I was scared to death. How am I going to deliver a 3 pound baby out of my tiny body. Will it be painful? Should I go for a normal delivery or a C-section. I spent hours and hours Googling and it would confuse me more than lessening my apprehension.

Hence, I resorted to watching videos of couples who had shared their experience of delivering a baby normally. Finally, I decided to go for a normal delivery.

But, despite our well laid plans, I ended up having multiple tears and stuck to bed for 2 months.

But, now when I look at my dear son, I ask myself; was it worth it? Well, hell YES!

I was a mother to a little boy for whom I hope I’ll always be the First Valentine.

Grand Cloth Diaper #Giveaway


If have been following my blog for sometime now, you know that cloth diapers are probably one of the most dearest things in my life. And this month is going to be super awesome for all you cloth diapering mommas and dadas as well! And don’t worry if you are not cloth diapering already, now is the time to start building your stash! Yes! It’s time to ENTER our newest giveaway!

The Mommy Blog has come together with the Indian cloth diaper vendors to bring you this amazing opportunity.

Here’s the list of product you can win in this giveaway:

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Double gusset pocket diaper from Cloth Diaper Shop – India

Minky pocket diaper + one 3 layer microfiber insert from Cloth Diapers India

So this month we are excited to be giving away 5 diapers to 5 winners in our Grand Cloth Diaper Giveaway! What are you waiting for?? Just go and enter the giveaway. Let’s ditch those disposables TOGETHER lovelies!

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  7. It will be The Mommy Blog’s decision to chose which diaper goes to who. The decision will be final and binding.
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  10. The prizes will be sent directly from the vendors to the winners. The Mommy Blog is not responsible for any loss or delay of the prizes.

Good luck!

Krya Natural Detergent Review

Last week we got just a bit more organic, we tried some organic clothing, toys, and yes yes even an awesome organic laundry detergent!! Can you believe it? Can’t life always remain so ‘organic’? For like ever?

Since we are trying to exclusively cloth diaper our second, laundry has now become my most favourite past-time. I generally do the cloth diaper laundry every other day and their regular ones, on every Sunday morning! Yes! Most of my Sundays start with scrubbing their clothes. I love hand washing their clothes and so I just pile all of them for a weekend wash instead of a quick run in the machine, which happens to spoil their tiny little clothes ( You may not agree with me).

I’m a huge fan of organic and chemical-free stuff, especially when it comes to my girls. Well thank their super sensitive skin that has made me more conscious. And this lovely natural detergent by krya has eased the troubles of my life.


This natural detergent is made from soap berries and other certified organic ingredients. Don’t know what soap berries are? Well even I didn’t. Soapberry are also called the natural detergent that grows on trees and have been used for over 3000 years now. These are actual berries containing saponin, a natural surfactant, the active ingredient in soaps that separate the dirt, oil and  other undesriables from your clothes.

This tree is actually grown without any exposure to  harsh chemicals. Not just that soapberries also acts as a natural fabric softener so let those harsh softeners stay right there in the shelf and go organic with Krya. 😉

Not just that it’s 100% vegan, safe and non-toxic so you can use it with your child’s laundry. Krya’s natural detergent comes in a recyclable outer packaging ( which makes me feel like a real green chic momma. Thanks Krya!) Ohh you will also find two small pouches inside the box.

If you are wondering what you are supposed to with these little pouches.. then hold on. I’m not done yet. This detergent is slightly different from those regular ones available in the market. Since this detergent is not very finely powered and you can’t just ‘drop’ it directly into the detergent dispenser, that’s what those small pouches are for.


You need to fill the pouch with about 10 grams of detergent, tie it up securely and drop it in to the detergent drawer. Set the temperature and run the washer. That’s all.


I have been using the Krya detergent exclusively with cloth diapers  since I received it. And I’m super happy with the way it’s been working for us. There is no smell of pee, and my diapers come out clean and tidy. And then all I do is dry them out in the sun. And I have my bright and shiny white diapers.

I haven’t used it with my kid’s clothes since I hand wash them( I’m going to try it this coming weekend) but you don’t have to worry because this detergent pack comes with an array of instructions from both machine and hand-wash. Once the washing is done, wash the compost residue and dry the pouch for next use.


I like that it is mild and I am content with its performance (for full disclosure, I do not normally wash heavily soiled clothing).  And yes, this organic laundry detergent does not have the smell of a rose garden, a bright blue color, or a powered texture – all the things that Tide has brought to us with the help of chemicals. I am easily willing to give up these so-called conveniences.


Overall yes I’m very satisfied with the Krya’s natural detergent and would definitely recommend to all you moms who are striving every bit to lead a greener and an eco-friendly life. And if you want to shop with them, then do visit their beautiful website Krya – Sustainable Goodies which offers free shipping anywhere in India.

You can also keep up with Krya on their Facebook page. So let me know what you think of this amazing natural laundry detergent in the comments below.

**We were sent the Krya natural detergent for the purpose of a fair and honest review. All the opinions and images are my own.haajra

Bumberry Cloth Diaper (Giveaway)


In my quest to find some cute yet functional stuff for my kids, I stumbled upon this amazing cloth diaper brand called Bumberry, I’ve also reviewed here be sure to read it.

Bumberry is an amazing brand in general, in fact, they’re so amazing that they are giving away one of these new one-size pocket diapers with one insert to one of you! Woo! It will come in this adorable flowery print pictured here. Sooo, if you want a brand-new fancy cloth diaper for you or a friend with a baby then follow these steps!

  1. Follow the blog.
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Or you can simply click on the underlined Rafflecopter Link at the end of this post and then follow the instructions.

This giveaway is worth ₹ 800/- approximately.

Remember you don’t need to be a wordpress user to enter this giveaway.

*For Indian readers only.

I’ll randomly choose a winner on Saturday, April 26th. Best of luck to you! And, huge thanks to Bumberry for offering such a good giveaway.

Happy mom-ing Ladies!!

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