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If you haven’t already spent a lot of time around newborn babies, their fragility may be intimidating. But the newborn phase is one of the most cherished phases in any parents’ life. So today I’m a few basics to remember when handling a newborn. These tips are more of little lessons, I personally learned in the past years.

1)  Keep hands clean:

First things first, always remember to wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer before handling your newborn baby. We generally don’t bother much about this. But then, newborns don’t have a strong immune system yet, so they are susceptible to infection. Also make sure that everyone who handles your baby has clean hands.

2)  Carrying your baby:

Be careful to support your baby’s head and neck. Cradle the baby’s head when carrying her and support the head when carrying the baby upright or when you lay your baby down.

Be careful not to shake your newborn, whether in play or in frustration. Shaking that is vigorous can cause bleeding in the brain and even death. Try tickling your baby’s feet or blow gently on to the cheek when you need to wake her up.

Always have your baby securely fastened into the stroller or carrier whenever on-the-go. Limit any activity that could be too rough or bouncy. Your newborn is not yet ready for rough play, such as being jiggled on the knee or thrown in the air.

3)  Feeding your baby: 

Breast milk is the best you can give your child. So stick to it unless there’s a reason. Newborns do not need anything expect breast milk or formula. So do not offer water or any juice.

Newborn babies have a very unpredictable feeding schedule. They need to be fed on regular intervals, starting from eight to twelve times a day. So may be every second hour or so. Or when ever the baby demands for it.

When hungry babies will show signs of hunger such as making lip movements, sucking thumb, stirring or stretching. Don’t wait for them to get cranky and fussy, because that’s the next level of hunger.

Stop feeding when your baby stops sucking or turns her face way from the breast, it means that he or she is full. As your baby gets older, he or she will take in more milk in less time at each feeding.

Formulas are not interchangeable. Once you have started on one brand and type, stick with it. Every change in formula sets off a 3-5 day adjustment period for baby’s digestive system that can result in increased gassiness and fussiness. All changes in formula should be approved by the pediatrician.

4)  Bathing your baby: 

As long as you’re doing a good job of cleaning your baby’s diaper area during changes, two or three baths a week probably are plenty for a newborn.

A sponge bath with water is usually enough, especially until the umbilical cord stump falls off.

In the winter season, when skin is likely to become dry or flaky, you may want to bathe her even less. Whether you’re giving a sponge or tub bath, always test the water temperature using your elbow or the inside of your wrist (the water should be lukewarm). Remember hot wash can cause major burns to your baby’s delicate skin.

Always keep your supplies like towel, washcloth, shampoo and baby soap within reach before you begin bathing a newborn.

Stick with mild, unscented products formulated for babies. Do not use any homemade or over-the-counter products when it comes to a newborn.

5)  Diapering your baby: 

By the time your baby arrives, you might have already decided whether you want to cloth diaper or use disposables. Either way, check out the best deals around and have loads and loads of them stocked up much before the baby arrives.

Change diapers frequently, every 2 hours whether you are using cloth diapers or disposables or after every bowel movement. Always wipe the area gently with a clean washcloth or a disposable wipe. In case of diaper rash apply coconut oil generously all over the area and let the baby remain diaper-free for at least a few hours a day.

If you are using cloth diapers and having diaper rash, then it could be due to detergent built-up. Trying stripping your cloth diapers and use detergents that do not contain any fragrance or dye.  In case of severe rash, always see your pediatrician.

So once you have these basics down, I’m sure you be one happy parent to you little bundle of joy. And of course it does call for some extra patience and time. After all your a parent to a brand new baby. 🙂


** The above post, as stated is purely based on my own experience and isn’t a proven one. Always remember that every child is different. Something that worked for us, may not necessarily work for you.


My Wash Routine #Updated

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I have been cloth diapering our girls for many many months now and I have always followed a simple cloth diaper wash routine that I thought was working good for us. I have been hand-washing all of their clothes on Sundays. But a month back I decided to quit hand-washing because it was eating up all of my time and energy. And that’s when I decided to tweak my wash routine so that I could do but cloth diapers and clothes at a time, which would directly save me a hell lot of time and water!

I thought many mommies might be struggling with this just the way I did, so here’s my updated wash routine for all your lovely moms! 🙂

This is how I do:

  1.  Start with rinsing the diapers with cold water to avoid staining them.
  2. Then I do a second rinse also with cold water. Each rinse take 19 minutes approximately.
  3. Then I throw in all of their clothes and wash them on 40 C for about 45 minutes.
  4. Once that’s done, I give two extra rinses to the whole load so there’s no residue left behind.
  5. Then I line dry all the clothes and diapers in Sun.

I bleach all of my inserts once in four-five months. Also I use a very little amount of detergent for every wash.

What’s your wash routine?? Am I doing mine right??? Tell me in the comments below. 😀



Let’s Meet on Happy Parents Junction

I’m so happy to announce it to you that Bella Happy Baby India is hosting a Facebook event for all the mommies and daddies to help them get all of their parenting questions answered. Remember I did a review of the Bella Happy Disposable Diapers here on The Mommy Blog? If you haven’t read it yet then so can do it now! 🙂

And the best part of the event is that I was approached by the Bella Happy Baby team to be one of the Chief Blogger Advisers for this wonderful event! And I literally did a little happy-dance and instantly said “Yes”! What better can I wish for? Alhamdulillah!


So here I’m sharing the details of the events, so you can come over and get your questions answered!

It’s a 3-day Facebook event named “Let’s Meet on Happy Parents Junction” hosted between 2:30 to 3:30 PM from 11/9/2014 to 13/9/2014. You can tune in to Facebook and ask your questions on diet, cloth diapering, baby food, toddler tantrums, and anything baby!! We will be more than happy to serve you!!

So all lovelies be there tomorrow at 2:30 PM to enjoy together, this new adventure called ‘parenting’!

See you there!! Cheers X


Bella Baby Happy Disposable Diapers Review

In a couple of month the Big Thing will InshaAllah turn 3, which is certainly a milestone for me as a mother of two. And I proudly accept that I have been diapering our girls for years now. And gladly the Big Thing is out of her diapers, expect for the night-time. But the little one is still diapered 24 X 7, cloth or disposable, ‘diapers’ is the word of the millennium for us and that’s same for almost every mom out there.

I spend my days either doing cloth diaper laundry or fetching for ‘magic’ diapers so we can peacefully survive a whole night without a diaper change. And one fine day, I received a nice fluffy package (You know how obsessed I’m with packages, don’t you? And fortunately or unfortunately, that very evening I had to go out somewhere and couldn’t do the laundry and we ran out of our regular stash of disposables, so that’s when these lovely diapers came to my rescue, actually our rescue!

I was so thankful to God for sending them our way, on the very fortunate/unfortunate eve. You know how mad your husbands can get, if you ask them to get something for outside, just after getting home after a long and tiresome day!!?


Frankly speaking, until a couple of months back I never heard of Bella Baby Happy diapers, which is extremely saddening, given that these work wonderfully well.

Moving on, we were sent, diapers for both the girls in their own sizes. And when I first opened the courier package and saw the diaper packaging, I just loved it. The colours were lovely. But it was just too ‘fluffy’ and so I thought the diapers might also look way too bulky on the baby.  But luckily I was happy that I was wrong. I used them for night-time and loved it when both the girls got up dry and happy, unlike most of the nights with other disposables.

Bella Baby Happy diapers are modern disposable diapers with super soft inner layer that distributes wetness all over the surface of the diaper core. It’s wonderfully comfortable and extra absorbent. These are available from newborn to toddler sizes. Also the newborn’s diapers have been made with special care to protect the newborn’s umbilical cord from any sort of infection, which I think is extremely caring of the company. Because I personally had to face a lot of problem, in the initial days with both the girls’ umbilical cord touching the diaper.


And since the baby’s bottoms are covered most of the time, it’s very important to select a diaper that’s not harsh to you baby’s skin. And these are by-far the best ones I have ever used with our girls. The sizing is also amazing and has snug fit. The soft elastics does not harm your little one’s delicate skin.


And this is how it looked on the inside. Just look at those blue gussets around the legs, which can catch almost all the poop, without any leakage.


I also liked the wide flaps of the diaper, which again eases the comfort and fit of the diaper, on the baby.  Plus the velcro fasteners keeps the diaper in the right place without pressing the belly.


And did I forget to mention the adorable prints of the diapers? Oh yes! Every diapers comes with a different fun printed and colorful collection of animals which only makes the diapers a bit more appealling to the mommas like MEE WEE!!

All in all, I completely adore these diapers and will definitely recommend it to all the mommas out there. And if you are heading to a party or a road-trip or to see your family, then don’t forget to tuck a few of these diapers into your diaper bag because I assure you these won’t let you down in anyway!

You can buy these diapers from any online store in India. And don’t forget to give them a thumbs-up on Facebook so that you receive all the latest updates from them.

And if you like what you are reading then don’t forget to subscribe to The Mommy Blog via email and “like” me on Facebook.

** We were sent the Bella Baby Happy Diapers in exchange of a fair and honest review. All the images and opinions are my own.

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Cloth Diaper Series: FAQs


The moment I started cloth diapering my girls and wrote about it, many of my mommy and mom-to-be friends started pouring in their queries into my inbox asking a few general questions like how many cloth diapers will I need? Is it a pain to cloth diaper? At what age can I start cloth diapering my baby? What should be the wash routine? Etc etc. I don’t say that I’m an expert-cloth-diapering-momma but then who doesn’t learn from experience?? And I did try to answer many of their questions and so I thought I should do a post on it so it would get easier for other mommies who can’t take the pain of typing the whole text ( their query) down and then hitting that “send” button.

So here it is for you.

Question: How many cloth diapers will I need??

My answer:  The number of cloth diapers you will need to buy may depends upon several factors.

If your baby is a newborn, it’s likely that she/he might go through 10-15 cloth diapers in a day since they poop more in the initial months. Every time they poop, you have to replace the diaper. Imagine if you use disposable diapers, how much money you will be saving with re-usable cloth diapers! If your baby is a six months old baby who has formed regulated pooping habits and does not poop too often now then she will need 8-12 cloth diapers a day at this stage. And if your baby is a one year old  she will usually go through six cloth diapers in the day. So it all depends on your baby’s age. I personally started cloth diapering my one month old with only two diaper covers and six inserts in a day. And the rest of the time I used disposables (until I got a few more re-usables)

Question: Is cloth diapering is a pain?

My answer:  If you are willing to do some extra laundry then cloth diapers are for you! 😀

Question: How often should I wash?

My answer:  It’s best if you can manage to do the laundry everyday or you will need more number of diapers. And I have already done a post on my diaper wash routine.

Some manufacturer’s also recommend bleaching diapers every month. I do bleach my bumgenius diapers every other month, you may want to know how and why I bleached our cloth diapers.

Question: Should I be considering the weather conditions?

My answer:  In general babies tend to pee more during winter or rains. So better be prepared to use more diapers during colder days.

Question: Why should I consider cloth diapering my baby?

My answer:  I tried to list out the following factors why you SHOULD consider cloth diapering your li’l one.

1.The cost:  Cloth diapers can be a little costly at the start, but in the long run cloth diaper users are like to save more. A small investment in the beginning can save you money on thousands of rupees spent on disposable diapers that you are going to spend in the next few years. Plus they can be washed over and over again and continue to work effectively until your baby is potty trained (my toddler is yet to be potty trained though!)

2. It’s better for the baby’s skin:  Everyone will agree that cloth is better for your baby’s delicate skin. Cloth diapering mommies tend to have less problem with diaper rash, sore bottoms, and other common symptoms of disposable diapers parents. If you have a sensitive baby, you can choose from all natural, even biological, materials to use for diapers that go to your baby.

3. It’s better for the environment: Cloth diapers are re-usable and do not contribute to the non-degradable waste like disposable diapers. You will, at the most, require 30-40 diapers for the lifetime of your diapering needs and even after that, cloth can still be recycled.

4. It’s easier for potty training: Most of the parents who cloth  diapered their babies will tell you that they spent less time trying to potty train  Like your grandma probably told you, disposable diapers do not give the baby an indication of wetness at all and baby takes longer to get potty trained. Whereas, modern cloth diapers give the baby the right amount of wetness indication when full, without making the baby go cold because of wetness.

5. They look cute and fashionable:Considering the fact that modern Indian parents are becoming more style conscious about their child’s wardrobe, cloth diaper add that extra cuteness to the baby’s outfit and their beautiful prints and colours save the pain of covering them up with uncomfortable skirts or pants.

Question: Where can I buy cloth diapers in India?

My answer:  There are a bunch of websites at stock different brands of cloth diapers. 

You can visit the following websites if you are looking for a place to buy some cloth diapers.  www.smartbaby.in  or www.flipkart.com or www.firstcry.com or  www.amazon.in

You can also check out our new cloth diaper company EcoTush Cloth Diapers made by Indian work-at-home moms!

Have a question?? Or did I miss anything?? Feel free to shoot me a text or write it down, below in the comments section. I would love to do my bit!! 🙂

Happy Cloth Diapering!!