3 Simple Things I Learnt From My delivery | Part #3 of 3 | Recovering Postpartum


After months of going through a difficult pregnancy, I couldn’t wait to look into my lil angel’s eyes and forget everything that had happened in the past 9 months. I was super scared for the delivery, and frightened to the extent of asking my doctor to just give me a General Anesthesia…knock me out…and hand me the baby like a pre-ordered much-awaited online shopping order. She wouldn’t have it. And I am mighty glad that my doctor had that kind of confidence in me…something which I lacked in myself.

You know how they say, that when you look at your baby…and hold him in your arms for the very first time…your whole world changes? It’s true. Within minutes I was a mother, taking charge of another Being (previously that would’ve meant looking after a drunk buddy post partying!). Each time I had hit panic button through my pregnancy, I distracted myself by dreaming about the beautiful phase awaiting. It was all going to be picture perfect from now on. I had everything organized in my head. I had a plan. And Oh!! How.Wrong.I.Was.

The first few days, are anything but easy. The following few weeks even tougher. If it’s easy making a baby, it’s a tremendous task in keeping the baby safe, healthy and thriving when they are out. I had faced a third degree episiotomy, breastfeeding was no walk in the park, getting up through deep sleep to calm an infant > change diapers > feed > burp > put them to sleep was all getting me brain fried. I was pretty close to punching faces who came to visit me and commented, “Isn’t motherhood bliss”. No. First month is anything but bliss. Its hard work, its crap. Yes, you see your baby and you WANT to do the best for them…but pushing your mental and physical abilities to endless limits is a test that requires a lot of patience….and a LOT of support from your spouse and family.

Here’s something I think that all women should be aware of post-delivery:

1.  Breastfeeding:

BreastFeeding is NOT easy, nor does the milk come in the way you expect. Don’t give up. Try try try and push for atleast a month before you give in to formula feed. I thought I was a pro after watching all those videos on YouTube, till reality hit home. Sore nipples, no ‘let down’ for a few days postpartum, everyone telling me that my baby was hungry so give formula, trying to pump milk to see how much I’m making (which isn’t even an indicator of how much milk one is making), major backaches due to constant bending over while nursing, and other such problems mounted. Not being able to even sit for nursing (due to stitches ‘down under’) just added to the whole stress. Correct latch was a problem for a month and I suffered!! Don’t do it to yourself. You will have other things to deal with as well. Remember…

  1. Please meet lactation consultants to help you and baby get a proper latch
  2. Use nursing pillows / lotsa pillows while nursing

2.  Support System:

I’m sure your spouse is going to pitch in as much as he can. But it’s an emotional and physical roller coaster ride for us. Boys can’t imagine what is going on, even when they ‘see’ everything and are a part of the whole journey with you. Be patient with him. But also TELL him what you want done. I think that the switch-over of roles (from being a daughter to a wife, and eventually from wife to a mother), comes much easier for women than for our men. It’s all too much to take in, and the lack of sleep is accompanied by a constant state of exhaustion with a ‘zombie’ like feeling. Brace yourself.

If you are lucky to have your mom come stay with you (which was in my case as I delivered at my parents home), she is going to be your bestest friend for some time. Don’t hesitate in learning from her. But also remember that at end of the day it’s YOUR baby, and they ALL have to follow YOUR lead. A lot of changes have come from when our mothers looked after us as babies, make sure you discuss how exactly you want your baby looked after and know what kind of assistance you need.

There are also many support groups online that provide you with an incredible amount of guidance and credible amount of information. I highly recommend joining them (search Facebook/Google).

3.  Always Remember:

We weren’t born pro moms. It’s OK to make mistakes, be unsure of what to do, and to ask for help and advice, from whoever you think will help you best with the particular issue you face. Everything will be trial and error till you and baby figure out what works best for you both.

Some Do’s and Don’ts At The End Of The Day :

  • Don’t EVER be guilty about not being able to keep everyone happy. The only person you need to think about is your baby for the next few months. Don’t even bother about what who thinks what. Haters will hate, talkers will talk.
  • Do take utmost care of your health too. If anything happens to you, who will the baby depend on? Your baby needs you for her existence, for a lifetime. Make yourself priority without any guilt!
  • Do Stay happy and healthy, babies pick up on positive vibes. And remember, each pregnancy is different.

So go without any pre conceived notions. Good luck and I’m very sure it’s all going to go smooth and perfect, as did mine ❤

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Simple Things I Learnt From My Delivery | Part #2 of 3 | The Labor Room

The mommy blog delivery

This post is second in the series on posts I have written on Simple Things I Learnt From My Delivery. Read the first post {here}.

Every woman goes through her fair share of ‘lessons learnt’ during her pregnancy and delivery. During the 38 weeks of being an expectant mother, I faced:

  • Morning (read all day) sickness
  • Lack of stamina and exercise due to this constant eckiness
  • Miserably failing my glucose tests (to the extent I had monitor my sugar 6 times a day everyday)
  • Eventually going for morning walks in the freezing cold (and nearly having my toes fall off due to the chill)
  • Spotting and bleeding for no particular reason (my heart of course stopped each time this happened).
  • Everything coupled with the usual backaches, heart burns & constant wanting to pee.

If my pregnancy was tough, the recovery, postpartum even tougher. The only thing that went smooth was the delivery itself, something which I had been dreading since the day I got pregnant.

I was induced on midnight of 15th Feb 2015, second capsule given at 3 AM, that when I started dilating. However my contractions were still weak and I remember telling my hubby “I don’t know if I’m getting gas or if is it the real deal”.

By 6 AM, when I got 3rd dose, contractions started coming hard this time. And while the nurses prepped me, the frequency and intensity amplified by ten times. I yelled Epidural around 8 AM and finally peace prevailed in my labor room. My doctor came to check me and said I wouldn’t deliver before the afternoon, so I cheekily asked for a snack as well as took a nap. Got a rude awakening by one of the nurses around 10 AM who said I was going into labor, I could feel a pressure as versus the previous pain. At 11:51 AM, with one massive push, I had my baby in my arms…just like that 🙂

So here are some of the things I tell my pregnant friends not to worry about in the Labor room.

 1) The Machines:

 From the minute you walk into the hospital, there will some gadget or the other that will be attached to you. Some as simple as the weight and BP machine, which you are already familiar with. And then there are those that you may have only seen in the movies or on some episode of the TV series ER. Don’t panic, these are constantly monitoring a) Your heart rate, b) Baby’s Heart rate, c) Contractions – frequency and intensity. These are not just hooked up to your body in your room, but also being monitored from the nurse’s station outside. A cool thing which I was not aware of, is that almost all these machines have volume control! Incase any of the constant beeping is troubling you, they CAN be hushed up.

 2) Your Privacy:

Well, be prepared to have your modesty fly out of the window. Rest assured, everyone in that room has a ‘job’ to do, including YOU. Follow the instructions of your medical staff and just give in. Don’t sit and worry about who can see what. If anything bothers you, speak up.

 3) Walk:

 I took the wheelchair from my room to the labor room, made me feel like ‘the movies’. Realised it was a big mistake as I reached my destination. The head nurse bellowed at me “Are you sick? Why are you in a wheelchair? Walk!!”.

She also came back to shame me when I was yelling through the intense contractions, “Why are you lying down? Get up and walk around”. I can guarantee you, her pearls of wisdom made me bear the pain till the point that I could. Nothing feels better than walking and swaying and sometimes sitting on the exercise ball. So on the day, when the pain hits the roof, ask your attending nurse and walk.

4) Epidural:

 If you are open to taking an epidural, please request for one when you think you can no longer bear the pain. For some the pain is quite manageable and they go medication free. Then there are people like me who yell their lungs out and ask for epidural shamelessly. This reminds me, its ‘ok’ to yell your lungs out.

5) Skin-On-Skin:

Regardless of the way you deliver i.e. normal or through a cesarean, make sure your baby is brought to you immediately for a skin-on-skin. Your newborn bonds through touch and smell, and her senses are tuned in to respond to your unique smell and the feel of your bare skin. This experience also helps your baby transition from the fetus to a newborn. Try your best to breastfeed at that point. Some benefits of breastfeeding and information on Colostrum can be found {here}

Stay tuned for my experiences post delivery 🙂

Top 5 Pregnancy Apps For Android & iOS

Pregnancy can be very overwhelming especially if it’s your first time. As it doesn’t last long, every mother-to-be obviously wants to make the most out of those nine months.

I’m a mother of two and trust me when I say this, the excitement of learning about all those big and small developments your unborn baby is undergoing, is just so amazing.  I when I pregnant I never shied away from having multiple pregnancy tracking apps on my phone.

You can do the same. You can track your baby’s development, time your contractions, or even pick a baby name with one of these excellent pregnancy apps. When it comes to pregnancy, there is most definitely an app for that. Here are five of my favorites.

 What to Expect Pregnancy & Baby:


 Image source: thebrowngothamite.com

The very popular pregnancy book, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” has it’s official free app which includes a very good amount of information. The app has a due date calculator, week-by-week photos of your baby’s growth and development and pregnancy countdown. There are also a lots of other interesting features scattered throughout this app. For example, did you know that at 13 weeks your baby is the size of a  pea pod?

 My Pregnancy by BabyCenter:


Image Source: itunes.apple.com

My Pregnancy app is by BabyCenter. It’s another free app. This app is very much similar to the What to Expect Pregnancy app as discussed above,with a bunch unique features. For example, it includes some very realistic yet scary illustrations of babies in the womb along with a number of videos on real birth. You can even manage your pregnancy to-do list and join a due date club. Also it is very reassuring to know that all the content in this app is reviewed by a medical advisory board.

 I’m Expecting – Pregnancy App & baby guide:


Image Source: itunes.apple.com

This is again a  free app which includes online community forums based on the month when you are due, or on your age. It has a very sleek design and tons of helpful features have helped to make this app a favorite among parents-to-be. Using this app you can create a virtual scrapbook of baby bump photos, and even track your symptoms. I’m Expecting is very easy to navigate, and helps you keep all of your medical and personal pregnancy information well organized at one place. However, this app doesn’t include a contraction tracker, which I think is very important as you near your due date.

 BabyBump Pregnancy:


Image Source: babybump-pregnancy-free.en.softonic.com

The BabyBump Pregnancy has two versions, one is paid and the other is free. Since I already had too many pregnancy apps, I didn’t bother buying this one. I downloaded the free version and it was decent enough. This app includes week-by-week development information and also lets you keep a journal of your progress and create a birth plan for the big day. You can also connect with the other moms and discuss via social forums.

 Pregnancy Sprout:


Image Source: itunes.apple.com

This is another app that has two version. The paid one costs $4 approximately. And the free version, Pregnancy Sprout Lite gives free access to the full app for a two-week trial period. The week-by-week graphics are very attractive. It has all of the basic tools  such as a kick counter, a contraction timer, hospital bag checklists and a doctor visit planner, where you can add questions for your provider. This app doesn’t have any community forums but it’s easy to navigate and a solid choice.

Pregnancy is a phase that you won’t be able to enjoy if you’re anxious about your or your baby’s health. These apps will guide you to just about any information you need. Or at the very least, they’ll explain what you need to ask your doctor and what you need to know prior to your delivery.

So while you reach there, you can spend your time finding names and keeping journal notes or sharing photos with friends and family until the time arrives. Enjoy this special time and use these apps to get the most out of your pregnancy. GoodLuck 🙂


The First Five

It just feels like yesterday when we were just a couple and now we are proud parents. But if you ask me if I was ready for it, the answer is still unknown and am I enjoying the journey the answer is “yes I am very much” however it was not an easy ride for me.


The First month

We were on our trip to London. Well, I was on a leisure trip and my hubby on a business. Leisure for me because I got to meet my friends there and her two little cubs who are very dear to me. I stayed with my friend while my husband was staying in a hotel. So, after enjoying my 3 days’ freedom and playing Kinect adventures with those kids, I finally went back to join my husband at the hotel. Was I missing him? Yes! I was… hehe.

While I was enjoying and roaming around, I suddenly realised that my periods were delayed by 10 days which usually are a week delayed always, expressed my concern to dear hubby and after loads of discussion, we agreed upon doing a pregnancy test. ‘Why were we thinking so much to take a test’? It’s because it was just a month since we had started planning for a baby and as per every one it generally takes 6 months to 1 year to conceive.

Finally after several pregnancy tests and seeing all the blue n pink lines, I finally took a digital pregnancy test, that approved I was 2-3 weeks pregnant..Voila!!

Surprised, amused, happy, confused… mixed bunch of emotions as we were planning for the baby but at the same time were too relaxed thinking it will only happen in the next 6-12 months. So that’s how I welcomed myself to “Motherhood”.

Second Month

I was in my second month or 1st trimester and the trouble had begun. I had heard about morning sickness but mine was evening which shifted to morning, afternoon and then whole day.

Due to this I wasn’t able to stand the smell of anything, not even my own. I love perfumes but even they made me puke.

Everybody kept assuring me that everything will be fine in few weeks. Even the midwife I met assured me that it’s just a matter of few weeks and I should be fine by next week.

Sigh, I kept waiting for the next week to come.

Third Month

Did I pass the puking phase? Answer is No! 😦 Couldn’t even go out on Easter weekend and alas no one was there to take care of me as I was living far away from home in UK.

The only thing that kept my spirits up was the thought there is a tiny little body growing inside me and I am doing everything for it.

While I was puking and fainting, came the time for the 1st scan. I was all anxious to see the first sight of my baby.

With our hearts pounding faster, we went for the scan and there we saw the most beautiful thing of our life ‘Our Child’

Fourth & Fifth Month

We finally announced to our friends of my pregnancy and that a little one is going to arrive soon on 6th November which was my hubby’s birthday too and that made me happier. While I was happy thinking about the baby, my sickness didn’t leave a chance to make me sad. So with mutual agreement, I decided to go to India for few weeks as my husband was supposed to travel every week for 5 days to London and I would be left with no one to take care of me. Hence, I flew, back home.

On reaching India, my health improved drastically and yes, I was able to see a little bump and that happiness can’t be described in words.

I once again congratulated myself for having you inside me and felt the Happiness of Motherhood’ 🙂

Ten things you need to know before having a baby

Hello beautiful ladies and all you beautiful mommies-to-be out there, here’s for you a quick list of things that you may want to know before having/planning a baby.

So if you want to know what those list of things are then go ahead and read my new article on Ten things you need to know before having a baby for the WiseShe baby and pregnancy blog.

Newborn baby with mother

Also see What’s in my diaper bag!

Let me know if I missed anything in the comments below.

Happy Mom-ing beautiful Ladies!!









Things Never To Say To A Pregnant Woman!


The journey of pregnancy is indeed an amazing one, but then there are some people even well-intentioned ones sometimes can say things that upset, scare or just downright annoy moms-to-be. Before you put your foot in your mouth and make a pregnant lady cry, take a look at these things you should never say to someone who’s expecting.

  1. Was it planned? Or did it just happen?
  2. Are you sure you’re not having twins?
  3. You’re planning to breastfeed??  “You should really breastfeed at least for a year”
  4. You are going for a natural birth, RIGHT?”
  5. Are you sure your due date is correct??? “You look like you’re going to have the baby tomorrow”.
  6. How much weight have you gained?
  7. Can I touch your belly?
  8. “Get your sleep now because you definitely won’t be getting any when the baby comes.”
  9. Anything about your horrific labor and delivery (or others you’ve heard about).
  10. “Don’t worry, you’ll lose all the baby weight if you breastfeed”.
  11. “Your hair looks so thick and shiny. It’s all going to fall out after the baby is born, though.”
  12. Will you get back to your work after the baby comes?
  13. Can you even imagine the L&D pain?
  14. Are you really craving pickles and ice cream?
  15. DO you plan to have more kids?

You might be thinking these are things a reasonable person would never say to a pregnant woman about her body, but I’ve heard them all nonetheless.  I’m sure every women gets to hear many such questions and fairly tries to get through all of them. But why bother someone who’s already going ninja with her troubles??

So the next time you see a pregnant woman and start judging the size of her belly, big or small, gal or a guy instead just say, “Congratulations on the baby. You look beautiful.”