Ireeya Organic Cotton Muslin Blanket Review

As a mom x2, I know that when you have a baby you will receive at least one cute and super-soft baby blanket prior to the birth of the baby. Especially if it’s your first baby, it’s likely that people will get many nice and snug blankets because everyone knows that babies need warmth after they are born ~ and if they’re not being held my mama, a super soft and warm blanket or quilt is the next best thing. And muslin is actually one of the best fabrics to wrap your little bundle of joy in.


Muslin is a cotton fabric of a plain weave. It is an excellent fabric for swaddling the babies right after they are born. Swaddling a baby helps decrease SIDS to a large extent.

When we were going to have our second, we searched a tad but could not find any muslin blankets around,  for the baby. Also I regret it so much. But now that I have got to review this amazing organic cotton muslin blanket by Ireeya I’m happy that our future babies will be wrapped up snugly in cotton muslin blankies soon after they come into this world.


Initially when I got their products, this one was the first one I fell in love with, at first sight, of course. It was doubtlessly cute, incredibly soft and the print on it is just so so subtle and lovely.


This blanket is made of 100% organic cotton muslin and is Azo free just like their other baby blankets. It came in a full size of 47″ x 47″, big enough to keep both of their feet just warm enough in the coming rainy season, I have also used it in humid weather and I felt like ‘this has to be it’.  It’s just A.M.A.Z.I.N.G


And this afternoon I let both the girls play with this lovely blanket and have a beautiful time together. In fact it’s so soft that I might just as well spend an evening cuddling this super soft blanket. Oh! Just look at that pink butterfly pattern!! Super adorable isn’t it?  Plus it’s going to become more and more soft and gentle with every wash.

We are so so in love with this lovely yet chic organic cotton muslin blanket that I would go about recommending it to every mom out there. This is something you should definitely not give a miss.

** We were sent the blanket for the purpose of a fair and honest review. All images and opinions are my own.


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