Cloth Diaper Series: How And Why I Bleached Our Diapers


Cloth diapering was going on perfectly smooth and fine until last week, when I forgot do the laundry for more than 3 days in a row!!! Oops How did I forget about that one poopy insert that was sitting hidden in the pail! Gosh!! 

And later on when I sat down to do the laundry I was shocked to see tiny worms..may be maggots or something in one of the inserts!! Ohh shit that’s the poopy insert!

I always made sure to rinse the diaper well before throwing it into the pail and never miss out on doing the laundry every other day…But somehow this time it J.U.S.T happened and I seriously lost my sanity on seeing those creepy creatures on my favourite thing!!  Yuckk how disgusting!!

I ran around in the house like a ninja and went on to try every possible way to get rid of all the bacteria or whatever that was!! Eek

Many hours passed, I could still not think of anything better than my regular wash routine!!

And then naturally, there happened googling, googling and more googling to find a better way but then I was way too disgusted with it that all I could think of was to throw it straight away!! But then my heart begged me to drop the idea of throwing them away as it was my best buy

And that’s whenvI finally decided to bleach my cloth diapers. All of them. Yes you read it right. I actually bleached ’em!! Even you can do so but be sure to check with your manufacturer’s instructions so you don’t end up spoiling your diapers.

Mine are the Bumgenius Flip diapers, and the manufacturer recommends bleaching it once a month or so I guess. So I immediately brought Clorox Liquid Bleach . Diluted one cap of liquid bleach in half a bucket of water and soaked all the inserts in it for 10 minutes and then threw them in to the washer.

I then ran them through their regular wash routine and gave a few extra rinses so there’s no more bleach left in the inserts.

And I was so surprised at the way my inserts looked after I sun-dried ’em, they were all whity-white plus bacteria-free !! :D:D

P.S:  I only bleached my inserts and socks but not the diaper covers. Cause bleaching diaper covers might ruin the PUL and  fade their colours.

Do you have any other tip for bleaching cloth diapers?? Write below in the comments I would love to know ’em!! 🙂

Happy Cloth Diapering!! XX


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