Bumberry Cloth Diaper Review


A couple of days back I did some serious google-ing and came across this cloth diapering brand, which happens to be from the Indian manufacturers ( I guess?! ). This brand is called the Bumberry, their website is pretty much impressive and that made me order one of their diaper covers and here’s my review for all those new-to-cloth-diapering mommas!

bumb I ordered this online on Firstcry.com

Price: Initially it was Rs.780 approximately, but with some discount I could get it for Rs. 630. I was so excited to find a good brand at such good price!

What I like:

  • The print is awesomely cute. Lady bug print!
  • It’s generously made with opening on both the side, to tuck in your insert or prefold.
  • My baby stays nice and dry for almost 2 hours +.
  • There have been no cases of leakage!
  • I also use this cover with the Bumgenius inserts that I already have in bulk.
  • The elastics are nice are sturdy unlike that of other covers I’m using right now.
  • It’s a One-Size diaper and the snap closure system let’s you adjust it to accommodate babies from 0 to 3 year old.


What I don’t like:

  • This one comes with only one insert of it’s own.
  • The PUL layer of the cover is not very thick as compared to the Bumgenius ones ( I know I shouldn’t be comparing). 🙂
  • I wish it had gussets to contain those watery poops!

My verdict:

It’s definitely one of my best buys. Great product at such a great price. If this works for you then this one is probably the cheapest and the best one that you wont regret buying.!! You can use them with prefolds and flats with great ease.

My Rating: 4/5

Have you tried any other brand? Do you want me to review it? Or have anything to talk about the new diapers you want to use? Write them down for me, I would love to know!!

Good Luck Mommies!!


**The review is based on my experience and is not a proven one. All opinions and images are my own

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